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Chapter 60

As soon as the two left, Sophia dialed a number : *Ring . . ring . . ring . . * 'no answer,' *Ring . . . ring . . . ring . . . * a second past by, then a voice mail kicked in . She doesn't know if she should leave a message or try again?' Sophia's is about to have a heart attack, her blood pressure is shooting up in the sky .

'What is she going to do if she cannot get a hold of this person . The only person that can save her husband . ' Sophia decided to try again, if still no answer, she will go personally to beg this person, if she needs to go on her knees she will . *Ring . . . ring . . * suddenly "Hello!" A voice was on the other line .


"Hello!" Jeff had answered Ann's phone . "Hello! whoever this is, you better speak or forever hold your peace . " Jeff said it in a crafty voice .

Sophia's at lost for words . 'Who could this person be? Why is he answering Ann's telephone? Is this man, Ann's hidden boyfriend or something?' She couldn't ask so she just said:" Is this Ann's phone?"

"Yes, it is! can I help you with something?" Jeff's have an idea who's on the other line; he needed to confirm it, so he said . " Ms . Sophia, Ann just left . We had a meeting, and she accidentally left her phone in my office . I'm about to take it to her personally, do have a message for her?" Jeff waited for the confirmation .

"I see, Thank you! for informing me . ' J-Jeff, I need your help, please! I don't know if you had seen the news or not . But I'm in the hospital right now, Albert had been in an accident, and his in critical condition . " Sophia said it sadly with teardrop about to fall from her eyes .

"No, I have not seen the news . Which hospital, Yes! I got it, Ok! I will bring Ann with me . " Jeff rush right out to the swimming pool area where Ann, Lea, and Ronald was relaxing by the pool . As soon as he arrived, he came to lean over to Ann . "Sweetheart, we need to go to the hospital, can you?" Jeff asks without explaining what's going on .

"Jeff, I think it's too early to know . . . 'Ann blushing' if we are . . . I don't think we will know right away . " She's glowing red as Ann was saying it seriously .

"Sweetie as much as I want to know now if we are pregnant, that's not the reason why we're going there . " Still coaxing Ann to get ready .

" Oh! Then why do we need to go? Are you sick or hurt anywhere? If you don't tell me the reason, I'm not moving an inch from where I'm seating right now! you'll have to tie and drag me out of here . " Said it playfully to Jeff, away from the prying ears of the two who are trying to eavesdrop .

"Ok! if you must know, Albert Tan was in an accident just now . He's currently in surgery and critical condition . . . how about I tell you on the way, please!" Jeff pleaded with his smiling eyes . "Let me change, and will go . " Ann goes up, motioned to Lea and Ronald to follow suit .


In the car on the way to the hospital: 'Jeff is still wondering why Sophia insisted on Ann going? If Albert is in critical condition, there must be a reason for Ann to be there? What could it be?' Actually, all three of them are having the same thought simultaneously .

"Ann!" X 3 Jeff, Lea, and Ronald all called her name .

"What is your blood type?" Jeff is the first one to asks .

"My blood type? AB(-) Why you ask? "

"That's it!!!" 3 X again . Everyone was thinking the same thing as why Ann must accompany Jeff to the hospital . [That's where they are wrong] They will find out in sooner or later chapter .

Ann is still unknown in Asia; there should be no issue of her going to the hospital . That is where they made a mistake . As soon as she got out of the car, all the reported circled her and Jeff . They started bombarding them with a question .

Jeff and Ronald were pretty quick in protecting Lea & Ann, they ushered them in without butting an eye nor answering any question reporter asked . Once they made it inside, everything went smooth . Sophia sends her Manager Edna to wait for them at the lobby . "This way, please! Mrs . Tan is waiting at the VIP room . " Edna informed them .

"Excuse me! do you have any news on Ceo Tan's situation?" Ann asked nonchalantly . [likes she's asking how's the weather today]

"To tell you the truth Ms . Ann, he's in danger right now; we only have a short amount of time to find a blood donor, or else . he may not make it by tomorrow . " Edna told her while looking at everyone hoping one can be a donor . [ Edna doesn't know about the requirements to become a donor]

Sophia was overjoyed, but hesitant when she saw Ann . She didn't know what to do or say, without looking suspicious to all the prying eyes . In order not to be visible, she greeted Jeff first, then Ann .

Claudia, on the other hand, saw Jeff and thought that he was there for her as his fiancee . She got up, ran rush to Jeff embrace and started crying: *huh . . . huh . . . huh* Jeff, my dad . . . what's, am I going to do? Even though I'm his only biological daughter, I cannot be much of help . Our blood type doesn't match . What are we going to do if we cannot find a donor? *huh . . . huh . . . huh* What's going to happen to my dad?" Claudia is playing pity while making sure that everyone heard the part when she said about being the only biological daughter .

Ann is not such a cold hearted . Even though she has hatred towards her mother, as a person, she cannot ignore that Sophia right now is in pain and in need of comporting, mother or not .

"Mrs . Tan, I'm sorry about what happened to Mr . Tan . If there's anything I can do to help, please! don't hesitate to ask . " Ann informed Sophia like she's talking to a stranger and just trying to be kind .

"Everyone! can you all give me a couple of minutes alone with Ms . Ann . Including you! Claudia, there's something I need to speak with her in private . " Sophia said it out loud and fiercely that no one can refute her .

Everyone left including Claudia who's still clinging to Jeff who's totally annoyed and about ready to push her if not for other people around .

Sophia is ready for groveling if needed if it will save her husband . She grabs Ann's hand, with tears flowing on her eyes, she looked at her then said: " Ann . . . Please! Help . . . " Sophia then started shaking and crying harder . She couldn't finish what she was trying to say; her emotion just erupted like Mount Pinatubo, [A Volcano in the Philippines] lava of tears started flowing .

Ann's feels like her heart will break into pieces she couldn't hold any longer she hugged Sophia and comfort her "Yes! I will help, I think I know the reason why I'm here . " Ann said also crying .

Sophia: " . . . ? You know? how!"

To be continued . . .


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