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Chapter 61

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Sophia is ready for groveling if needed if it will save her husband . She grabs Ann's hand, with tears flowing on her eyes, she looked at her then said: " Ann . . . Please! Help . . . " Sophia then started shaking and crying harder . She couldn't finish what she was trying to say; her emotion just erupted like Mount Pinatubo, [A Volcano in the Philippines] lava of tears started flowing .

Ann's feels like her heart will break into pieces she couldn't hold any longer she hugged Sophia and comfort her "Yes! I will help, I think I know the reason why I'm here . " Ann said also crying .

Sophia: " . . . ? You know, how?"


"Umm, I am sorry! Should I not know about it? Jeff, I mean Mr . Go had mentioned that Mr . Tan is in critical condition and need of a blood transfusion and I happen to be AB(-) blood type as well, I am willing to donate if I am a match . Is it not why you wanted me to come?" Ann played dumb by asking with a confused look in her eyes .

'My poor daughter, I guess she has no idea about the other requirements . She does not know that besides blood type compatibility, she needed to be biologically related to each him to become a donor . It means she still does not know that Albert is her biological father . If that is the case, should I tell her or not?' Sophia contemplated for a moment, then decided to wait when the time is right .

' Afraid that If she finds out the truth now, Ann might change her mind; 'I can't take that chance at this moment, Albert life is at stake . ' Sophia now is in a bind not knowing how to proceed .

"Yes, your right one hundred percent! I asked Jeff to bring you along knowing you're the only one that can save Albert . You're wondering how? You are my daughter, after all, I should know your blood type being it's rare . I hope that you can put aside your grievance temporarily against me until he's out of the operating room and recovering . Once this dilemma is out of the way, I wish for us to have a heart to heart talk . I have a lot of explaining to do, and I want to clear the air between us . What do you say?" Sophia was hoping that she will agree .

Ann was contemplating how to answer . 'But I'm not ready to seat in talk with you, I have not surpassed your stardom yet, I need to show you that I grew up just fine without you, I never needed you then, and I still don't need you right now . When I accomplish all that I want to, I will then stand tall and proud and have a heart to heart talk with you . ' Deep in her subconscious, she wanted to say all that .

Instead, she said:" I think what we need to do is take care of the matter on hand . First, the rest we can discuss later . What do I need to do right now? Mr . Tan is still not out of danger; we need to act fast, don't you think so? Mother!" She said intensely that left Sophia speechless for a moment .

"So! What do I need to do and where to do I go, point me in the right direction so we can get this over with!" The way she said it expressionless, it made Sophia shuddered immensely .

"Let me call the Director to take you where do to the Blood test to check for compatibility alright . Just wait here for a little bit, I will be right back . " Sophia told Ann as she was heading to the door . 'She needed to talk to the Director and give him instruction on how to handle and what to say . It's not time for Ann to know that Albert Tan is her biological father . ' Sophia needed to talk to him privately .

"Ms . Ann, this way, please!" Ann follows the same technician and the Director of the hospital that took Claudia's test prior . "This will not take that long, just a vile of blood, some saliva and we should be good to go" The Technician informed Ann with a big smile on his face .

' I do not doubt that this young lady is the actual biological daughter of Mr . and Mrs . Tan . She's a carbon copy of Mrs . Tan, unlike that Ms . snotty Claudia, If she not dressed to the nines, she looks just like a common girl on the street . ' The technician thought to himself .

" All done, you may go back to the VIP room to wait for the result . Will inform you as soon as possible if you're a possible candidate . This way, please!" Pushing the door open ushering Ann out in a rush .

As soon as Ann left, the lab technician quickly started the process of DNA and blood testing . They must have a result in a heartbeat; they are in an emergency right now, every minute counts .

Jeff, Ronald, and Claudia were not in the room when Ann came back . As soon as she walks in: "Where did you go?" Lea whispered to her Ann while pulling her in the corner of the room where Sophia cannot hear them talk .

"Oh! I had to give a blood sample to see if my blood is compatible so I can donate . " Ann replied expressionlessly then look into Sophia's direction with an unreadable look on her face .

"Really! My guess was right then, but how did the Queen Mother know your blood type? Is there something your not telling me?" Lea gave her a mischievous look .

"When the time is right, I will tell you first, before I announced it to the world what is needed to be known a long time ago," Ann told Lea while looking at Sophia in the other side of the room .

The sound of silence is so loud to the deaf ear of everyone in the room . They're all sullen at the moment waiting for the announcement of the outcome . The anticipation is running high; every second is like a lifetime of waiting . . . and waiting for the judgment to arrive .

The only person that has a worried look on her face is Sophia . She knows what the outcome will be without a doubt . Is just a matter of time for Ann to find out the truth about her unknown father, and that's what scares her the most .

Finally, the anticipated result has arrived, everyone turned to the door as the Director of the hospital and the Lab Technician enter .

"Ms . Sophia, Ms . Ann we have the result of the test . Based on our thorough testing, the result is an astonishing 99 . 9999% match, it means . . .

Leh: " . . . ? Match, meaning what?"

Ann: " You will soon find out!"