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Chapter 62

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"Meaning they're blood type is compatible right? and she can donate blood?" Sophia was quick to interject into the conversation . "Yes! Mrs . Tan, you are correct . " The Technician replied looking down on his shoe . As I was saying before I was interrupted, Ms . Tan, I mean Ms . Wen's blood is a match, compatible to donate to the patient . If there's nothing else I would like to ask Ms . Tan, 'I apologize,' I mean to say Ms . Wen to come with me once again to start the process . " The technician was able to catch his mistake just in time .

"Sure! Give me a couple of minutes to have a word with Mrs . Tan, and I will follow suit . If you don't mind waiting outside first, it's a private matter . " She told the Technician first and then the other people in the room .

Once there's no one left, " Mother, there's one thing I want to know? And I want you to tell me honestly before I do this . I promise that no matter what your answer, I will not change my mind .

I will donate my blood to save a life . " Ann asked Sophia with a straight face .

"Alright, that's fair enough . Ask away; I will do my best to answer truthfully . " Sophia said it worriedly .

"Is Mr . Tan my biological father? Yes or no! truth is the only thing I want to hear, no excuses . As promised it doesn't matter what the answer may be; I will still donate my blood . So' is he my father or not?" Ann is on the verge of crying; she's so upset that she's shaking badly to the core of her body . "So' Mother! what is the answer?" She repeated the question once more with her voice as piercing as it can get .

Sophia got up from where she was seating, grab Ann and hugged her tightly then started crying before she answers: " YES! He's your father . " is all she can say and continued crying and hugging Ann at the same time .

Ann slowly removes herself from Sophia's embrace, backed away a little then said something with sadness in her voice: "Thank you! that's all I want to hear . " then walked away tears in her eyes .

'For so many years I had been wondering who you are . now that I know the truth, why I'm not happy at all? on the contrary, I'm so upset at you father . In order for me to find out who you are, you have to be in deathbed needing my help in order to survive . What a joke . ' Ann thought while walking on the way to the Lab to give the blood her father needed to stay alive .

Sophia was so stunned with what just happened; she's overwhelmed with emotion that shes having problem breathing . She sat back down to calm herself and wait for the result .


Jeff, Ronald, and Leah did a group chat while no one noticed what they were doing . Jeff and Ronald had the understanding of what's going on . When Sophia asked them to leave the VIP room, they took the opportunity to drag Claudia out of the Hospital and took her with them . As an excuse, Jeff told her his hungry and went to a nearby Cafe .

When they announced the result of the test, they needed to make sure that Claudia was out of the hearing and cannot be in a way .

Claudia was in a cloud nine thinking that Jeff was there to comfort her during this calamity . At the Cafe, while they were waiting for the food to arrive . Claudia got to thinking: 'When did it I started to have a feeling for this man . Four years ago, I hated this man when they told me that his my fiancee since birth . I even did everything in my power to stay away from him, but what happens? Back then I thought that his too old for me . Looking at him now, his not that old at all, and very handsome too . To think of it, in a short Month I will be announced to the world as future Mrs, Jeff Go . ' With that thought, she's now in heaven away from cloud nine, with a smile on her face .

After a while, Ronald and Jeff finally received a text from Lea, informing them that everything is finished . She followed it with the word [ come and pick us up, Ann is too tired and wanted to go home and rest . ]

When Jeff saw the text message Lea sent, his poker face suddenly brightened and smiled . stand up without a word to Claudia who's still daydreaming about her future as Mrs . Jeff go . Jeff then walked out the Cafe toward Ronald who's standing by the car waiting for them .

Jeff got in the back seat of the car and ordered Ronald to drive off leaving Claudia in the Cafe . When it comes to his wife well being, nothing else seems to matter in Jeffs mind . His wife is his everything in the world . No one else matters . [Especially not Claudia!]

Ann and Lea were waiting at the back way of the Hospital for Jeff to pick them up . Ann still a little weak from all the blood she had given to save her Father . Lea was helping her stand still afraid that she will collapse any minute . 'Where are you guy? Hurry up, please!' Lea keeps on praying .

Ann was doing her best not to pass out, she's so weak at the moment and wanted to lay down .

Leah kept telling her to hold on, just a little bit longer, when suddenly everything went black and Ann collapsed into the ground . Just in time for Jeff to arrive and see what happen . He didn't wait for Ronald to stop the car, Jeff jumps out of the car and run for his life toward his wife like the devil is chasing him . His heartbeat going *thump . . thump . . . thump* . Once he reaches Ann he picked her up like a Princess carried her to the car without a care in the world then ordered Ronald to take them home . . .