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Chapter 63


Ann was doing her best not to pass out, she was so weak at the moment and wanted to lay down .

Leah kept telling her to hold on, just a little bit longer, when suddenly everything went black, and Ann collapsed into the ground . Just in time for Jeff to arrive and see what happen . He didn't wait for Ronald to stop the car, Jeff jumps out of the car and run for his life toward his wife like the devil is chasing him . His heartbeat was going *thump . . thump . . . thump* . Once he reaches Ann, he picked her up like a Princess carried her to the car without a care in the world then ordered Ronald to take them home .


Albert Tan had a successful surgery thanks to Ann's blood donation . After the surgery, they transferred him to the ICU for further observation . They needed to make sure that he does not have any reaction from the blood transfusion . The General Surgeon who had operated on him strictly enforced that only immediate family is allowed to visit him during this time . That means Sophia, Claudia, and Grandma Tan are the only one allowed . Even though Ann is his biological daughter and the one that saved him, is still unknown to the outside that she's a member of Tan family . She's still an outsider to everyone eyes .


Meanwhile, in the Hospital VIP room, people flock to give comfort and support to the Tan, family member . Among them was the Board of Director of Tan Corporation . They came with a purpose; they were not there to console the grieving Sophia, instead, wanted to talk to her about Tang Corporation situations .

The new's about Albert Tan spread like wildfire . People from all walk of life can't stop from talking about it . Beside Albert Tan being known in the Business world, he's also married to the famous 'Diva' Sophia Wen . Any news about the Diva, people will read or watch no question about it .

However, the general population is speculating on the reason for the accident . Some say Albert's business rival did it, other's think is just an accident . Whatever the truth might be, no one knows .

The Board of Director of Tan Corp . were all worried about what's going to happen to the company now that CEO Tan is incapacitated to run the business . Once the news about his accident spread, the stock price of Tan Corp . plummets to lowest ever in the history . With no one to take over the position of CEO, the Tan Corporation is heading for catastrophe .

"Mrs . Tan, you must understand that without a CEO to run the business, Tang Corp will be bankrupt before we see the daylight . We will call an emergency board meeting tomorrow to elect an acting CEO . You need to step in or Ms . Claudia if she's capable, but no matter what we needed to have an acting CEO while CEO Tan is recuperating . " The vice president said it pleadingly .

" That's right! someone needs to step in, or we will full out our investment before we lost it all . " The COO of the company said in a sullen face .

The oldest board member which is Albert's uncle said while glowering: "Think about it and let us know . We understand you're under duress right now and we are not here to make it worse for you, however, under the circumstances we need to do something, or we will all die together if stock continued to go down . Tang Corp . is a legacy of our family, and we cannot let it go down the drain, you understand!" Then walk away without batting an eye . All the other board member follow suit .

' What is wrong with all these people, did they come here to bombard me with more problem? Step in as acting CEO? Who me? What do I know about running a business, I only have a high school diploma for god sake! Are they kidding me? What else did they say? Ah! If I can't do it how about Claudia? Yah! Right, what does she knows about business? When god was giving brain, she probably thought God said train and ask for one that has *choo-choo*; Sophia sardonically told herself .

' What do I do? I can't let the company go down? Albert had to sacrifice his happiness for many years . Just because that woman's family has the power and money to help keep the Tang Corp . legacy . He had chosen her 'Claudia's Mother' over me because of that, and he didn't even know I was pregnant with our child . The funny thing about this whole thing . The child that he never known exists is the one that had saved his life . *Hahaha!* What a twist of faith . ' Sophia then got up and went to the direction of the ICU to check on Albert Tan .

On the way to the ICU, something came to Sophia's mind; 'Ann! Didn't she just recently graduate from college? Which college was it? Ah! The one where most of the President of the United States of America Graduated from . Which one was it? 'HARVARD' that's right! I remember now when her Manager was here to sign the contract; she mentioned needing to leave because Ann was the valedictorian and she must attend the graduation . I can ask Ann to step in as the acting CEO while Albert is recuperating . She's his biological daughter after all and I have the DNA result to prove it . ' Sophia continued walking towards the ICU with a dreamy look on her face .


Meanwhile, Granpa Go heard about what happened to Albert Tan through Grandma Tan . " Ron! Ron!! Where are you scoundrel? Get in here! Get the car ready we're going to the hospital; my great-grand-daughter-in-law must be devastated right now . If I know, that no good grandson of mine is probably busy with that girl . I swear, when I meet that girl, she will wish she never met that scoundrel . I will make her life a living hell! Mark my word" Granpa Go said it with a dark look on his eyes .


1) [Granda Go assistant Ron is Ronald's father . ]

2) [ In order for Ann to be able to donate her blood . Two test was done, first to check if the blood type match . Second, if she's an immediate family member . Thus were the DNA came in, and the result was both is a match with 9999 . 99% result on the DNA, which indicated that Albert Tan is her Father] FYI only just in case you're lost in translation .