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Chapter 64


Meanwhile, Granpa Go heard about what happened to Albert Tan through Grandma Tan . " Ron! Ron!! Where are you scoundrel? Get in here! Get the car ready we're going to the hospital; my great-grand-daughter-in-law must be devastated right now . If I know, that no good grandson of mine is probably busy with that girl . I swear, when I meet that girl, she will wish she never met that scoundrel . I will make her life a living hell! Mark my word" Granpa Go said it with a dark look on his eyes .


The first person they meet is Claudia when grandpa Go, and Ron Sr . arrived in the hospital . " Grandpa, *huh . . . huh . . . huh* My dad, *huh . . . huh . . . huh . . . * . " Claudia, run to Grandpa Go and embraced him looking for sympathy . She didn't wait for the Old man to come to her .

" Hush! Child hush, everything will be alright . I heard that the surgery was successful . I spoke with the Director of the Hospital before I came here . He told me of the miracle that happens . He said that at first, they needed a blood donor to continue with the surgery and it could only come from an immediate family, then suddenly the operation was able to finish without needing one . If that's not a miracle, I don't know what is?

" Where's your Step-mother? There's something significant I need to discuss with her in regards to Tang Corporation?" He asks Claudia absent-mindlessly

"Mom when to check on Dad, she should be back in a minute . Unfortunately, I can't call or text message her in the ICU phone is not allowed . "

"It's okay; I have all the time in the world, I will wait for a bit, keep you company . What do you say?" He told her teasingly .

"Thank you! Grandpa, you don't know how much I feel relief that you came . Jeff was here a while back, but he has to take care of some urgent business and left . " She told Grandpa Go proudly with a sorrowful look on her face .

" What did you say? Jeff was here not long ago and just left because of urgent business? That's good! That's good indeed! " Granda Go was happy when he heard this news .

After half an hour and no Sophia, Grandpa Go decided to leave . " Tell Mrs . Tan that I must speak with her tonight the latest . It's imperative and must not delay . " He told Manager Edna, then walked out of the room after saying goodbye with Claudia .

On the way home, Grandpa Go called Jeff" Where are you? What so important that you left your fiancee all alone grieving in the hospital? You better not be . . . " he realized what he about to say and changed the subject right away before hanging up .



Jeff was so worried that his wife is sicker than what she is, but there's nothing he can do but take her home .

Lea told them that Ann doesn't want to stay a minute longer in the hospital after she finished giving blood . Whatever the reason might be, he has to respect her request .

Lea and Ronald were in the living room debating and guessing on what's going on . " This is so mysterious, how does Sophia know Ann blood type?" Lea said with brooding eyes .

" I know right? I was wondering about that too . When I tried to get intel from the boss, I was told to mind my own business . Arent, they are our business?" Ronald asks .

"Well! Let just wait until they are ready to tell us, sooner or later we will know the truth behind all this . In the meantime, why don't you make us something to it, I'm starving . "

"Why me? you're the woman, shouldn't you be the one cooking?" Ronald is looking at Lea thinking . ' Why didn't I notice before how pretty and sexy this girl in front of me? Her blue eyes, wow! bright like a clear blue ocean, I can drown in it just by looking . '

Lea: " Are you going to get up and make us something to eat or are you planning to eat me instead?" She said teasingly, then got up headed to the kitchen to start cooking . ' Take that! you hunk of a man . ' Lea thought while grinning from ear to ear .

In the meantime, Ann finally woke up . She's still a little out of sort . Next to her in bed half seating and half laying down is her husband reading some document holding in one hand and the other hand caressing her hair .

" What happens? Last I recall we were waiting for you to pick us up, suddenly everything went dark? Did I pass out?" she asks Jeff with a curious look in her eyes .

" How much blood did you give for you to end up this way?"

" Not much! just enough to keep him alive I guess . " Ann said nonchalantly .

" Well, it seems like it's almost enough to kill you though . Let me asks you something . You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but I have an idea already ok!" Jeff warned Ann ahead of time .

" Are they your biological parents? You don't need to answer if you don't want to like I said . Just want to hear it from you instead of other people . " Jeff told her with a quizzical look on his face .

"Jeff, can we not talk about it for now? I promise I will tell you everything . Right now, I just want to rest and clear my mind . I have a feeling that something is going to happen soon and I need to prepare alright?"

"As I said, you don't need to tell me right now . I already know anyway . I was curious to see how this could happen? When you feel better and ready to tell me everything, I'm all ear alright!" Kissed his wife sweetly and continued his reading and ran his finger through her hair .

Ann grabs the document on Jeff's hand and puts aside . She then grabs his other hand and put it on her face, asking to be caress like a little child . Jeff pulled his hand away from Ann's face and hair, lifted Ann's head from his lap, straighten her body to match his face to face, embraced her then kissed her lightly on her lips then closed his eyes as well and went to sleep in broad daylight with his wife next to him .