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Chapter 65

Dear Readers,

Thank you, for your review . Good or bad, I wholeheartedly accept and appreciates . I learn from it for the benefits of gaining insight into my future as a writer . However, I am a human being with a real feeling that can also get hurt .

Instead of me writing the next chapter right now, I'm taking my time to write a 600 words reply to 'HIROYAM' review of 2xstars and for the other readers to see as well .

First, I want to address the grammar issue . To start a comment by saying that grammar is horrible to such extent don't you think that you're a little too extreme? I appreciate your taking your time to write almost 500 words to show how well read you are and it seems that you do pay attention to what is written in the past chapters to the extent that you analyzed every detail of the story .

Are you a teacher by profession by any chance? Maybe a professional writer? Just curious?

To assume is an error, judging without knowing and making a decision based on what you had read so far, is underestimating your intelligence . [f you are a writer] There's more to the story than meets the eye . When this story finally comes to an end, I am hoping that it will be edited and proofread by professionals for the enjoyment of future readers .

I write to give happiness to my readers while traveling with the characters of this novel . I get my Ideas for my next chapter from what my readers write in the comment sections, meaning I write as it goes on a daily basis . The characters and story were a design from my original thought, following what my readers write in comments, that's where I get my inspiration for the next chapter . [ You get it?]

I write what my reader wants to read, not what I thought they should read . Every individual has different taste, I read each and everyone comment to get the idea of what my reader wants and go from there . [Supply and Demand] Business terms

First, I had indicated and yes! I Informed all my prospect reader about having some or much grammatical error within the novel as I write them . Not making excuses or anything, I also indicated that this is my very first time writing a story, English is my second language, and I did not study literature . I love to read, and I like telling a story to make people smile . [ That's one of the reasons I started writing]

Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have the luxury of having an editor and proofreader prior to posting nor time to explore what I had already written at the beginning . I work full time with much responsibility under my shoulder as a Manager of a company and only doing this for enjoyment after long hours of very tiring and stressful day . [Stress relief] it's cheaper this way .

Thank you for your review, which will help me strive to write better in the future for my followers to read . Someday, I say someday, if and when I decide to do this professionally and quit my fulltime job, I will first go back to school and study literature to ensure that the quality of the story I produce will be professionally written than this one .

I will end this by saying:

Thank you! to everyone that continuously supporting and reading this story . If you continue reading, I will continue writing . How that? Deal!