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Chapter 66

The day passed quietly at Ann's Condo . Lea and Ronald were on their vacation . The two spend their time leisurely by the swimming pool and just relaxed and converse so they can get to know each other more . [Their story will be for another chapter] Jeff and Ann only stayed indoor and took this chance to have the much-needed rest .


Sophia had made her decision; she contacted Albert's uncle 'head of the board of director . ' " In regards to your request of Claudia or me stepping in as the Acting CEO while Albert is recuperating . I have another candidate in mind in which I'm pretty sure you will agree with me once you meet her . I can divulge to you this person Identity for now, but I assure you she's more than capable of doing the job far better than Claudia or I can do . " She told him expressionlessly .

" How can you guarantee that this person you're recommending for the position is capable as you say? What proof do you have for this person to be considered qualified?" Albert's uncle refute .

" You'll see! At the board meeting tomorrow this person will be present, and when the time comes, you decide, and I will not contradict your decision whatever it might be . However, after meeting this person, and you agree with my assessment, you will need to help me convince the rest of the board to vote for this person? Do you agree?" Sophia said it pleadingly .

" Alright, I agree! make sure that the person is qualified to be in this position, or else I will personally lead all the board member to full out their investment along with my shares, even if the Tang Corp . Legacy collapsed in the process . " The senior man said it with a sullen face then hang up without saying goodbye .

Sophia was finally able to breathe just a little . 'One down, one more to go . '

After the talk with Albert's uncle, Sophia proceeded to get ready and called her Manager Edna to find Ann's contact information . She needed to talk to her in person for this to work . They needed to have that long awaiting heart to heart talk to clear the air first before she informs her of her plan .

As she was preparing to leave, Claudia who was seating there busy looking at her tablet searching the web for any news about her family .

She needed to make sure that those two that she's in cahoot with do not divulge to the public the secret of her birth .

'When I have time, I will hire a private investigator to find out my parentage . I need to make sure that this supposedly biological father of mine, does not show up later down the road and claim me . Who knows what kind of person he is, he could be a murderer for all I know . ' Claudia thought sardonically .

When Claudia saw that Sophia is about to leave, she hurriedly caught her before she steps out of the door: " Mom! Where are you going? There are too many reporters outside the hospital right now . If they get a glimpse of you going out, it will be hard for you to escape them . Is it that important for you to go right now? Why don't I go with you? I can get rid of those reporters in a heartbeat . You know I'm good at that!" She said it with an unconvincing look on her face .

" It's ok! Claudia, why don't you stay here and keep you Dad company while I take care of some personal matter . Both of us cannot leave at the same time; one has to stay alright?" Sophia replied, shrugged off Claudia's hold on her and walked out without waiting for a reply .


Sophia and her Manager Edna arrived at Ann's condominium in a short time . " Stay here and wait, I will need to talk to her in private . Make sure that we are not disturbed in any way . " She told Edna with a haunted-looking face .

As she walked into the lobby of the condominium, some people are on their way out . When they saw Sophia, they instantly recognized her even with her sunglasses and face mask on her face . She's a celebrity and on currently the top search in the web due to her husband incident .

" Isn't it Ms . Sophia the Diva? What is she doing here?" One of the passersby said . " Wow! She's a beauty in person! in my next life; I want to be born as her reincarnation . he hehe . " The other one said while they continue staring and stopped from going forward .

*Click . . . click . . . click . * Camera flashes from the cellphone of one of the passerby . Sophia just smiled and continued toward Ann's condominium .

The two passersby immediately posted it on the web:

[Look who I just run into today! 'showing Sophia's picture they just have taken' I must have died and gone to heaven to see an Angel in broad daylight] Followed with a bunch of smiling emoji .

The tread of the news went viral as soon as it was posted . [will go in more detail in another chapter]

Sophia is a public figure and a famous one . She does not get upset over small little thing like people recognizing and adoring her . As long as they don't post any negative review about her, she has no problem smiling when they take her picture secretly just as that two passersby did .

She finds Ann's condominium without a problem . Now that she's right at the front of the door, she started getting anxious . 'What if she won't see me? What if she won't want to talk to me? What if . . . what if . . ' She's still contemplating when suddenly the door open and Jeff standing on the other side of the door stunned with a straight face .

Jeff: ' . . . ?'

Sophia: ' . . . ??'

"Jeff! What are you doing here? isn't this Ann's condominium?" Sophia's a little taken aback .

" Ummm, I had to talk to Ms . Ann about the commercial collaboration that you two have . With your current situation right now, It is not a good Idea to continue shooting . We will postpone it until further notice . " Jeff said it nonchalantly then ushered Sophia inside the condominium .

"Have a seat! He pointed Sophia to the direction of the sofa . I will be right back!" Jeff then walks toward the Master bedroom, walked in without knocking and closed the door like he owns the place .

Sophia was stunned with a slacked-jawed face looking at the closed door of the Master bedroom .