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Chapter 68


All Characters, places, event, depicted in the novel are entirely fictitious, any similarity to the actual events or persons, living or dead is purely coincidental .


" Let me begin the story with your grandmother Wen first ok!" Sophia asks Ann for approval before continuing .

"Shoot! Begin anytime your ready . I don't have all the time in the world . I appreciate it if you start now . " She said it with an unreadable look on her face .

Sophia starts her story to the uninterested Ann, seating there quietly thinking to herself . ' What's the use of you telling me all this now, you think by telling me that whole sad story of your life and grandma, I will wholeheartedly forgive you and forget everything I went through? Yah, right! In your dream . Like Forrest Gump said on his movie: My momma always said, "life was like a box of chocolate . You never know what you gonna get . " I will let you finish your story, but you will soon find out what I have in mind as well . ' Ann is smiling very slyly with her thought .

"The Wen family originated from Ancient China; they moved to the Philippines during world war II when the Japanese invaded their hometown . Your grandma came from old money and harsh upbringing . She had to abide by the ancient Chinese tradition just like all the women in her family .

Back in the old days, Chinese custom value son over a daughter .

A daughter in the family is regarded as a commodity that they can use to bargain for a higher position in society, for money [dowry] or power . Wen-family is no different . They had picked a husband for her at a young age, in which she has to marry once she's old enough . However, your grandma is not one of those Traditional Chinese . She's more like Filipino-Chinese . She revels and eloped with the American Soldier she meets during one of her volunteering days at the military base .

You, grandma, was born in early 1950, she met your grandpa in 1968 they fell in love and elope same year . They got married and lived quietly, waiting until the tour of duty of you grandpa finished . Your great-grandparents found out and disowned her . She did two taboo, she already has a fiancee for one . The other is no such thing as mixed marriage, during that time . Chinese marries Chinese . Money marries money . No, if's and no but . you understand?" Sophia looked at Ann's reaction, nothing .

She continued: "Wen-family owns a Textile Factory in Rizal province, a Car Dealership in Manila, and Restaurants in Ongpin . [China town in Manila] Needless to say, Wen-family came from money and power .

Peter Wen is your grandmother's brother . He's the Chairman of the Wen corporation . He has two children name James Wen the oldest and Eddie Wen .

Peter Wen is mighty; he has all kind of connections in the Government . Therefore, he was able to do something to your grandfather to be sent back home without your grandma . That time your grandma just found out that she was pregnant with me, but was unable to share the news with your grandfather .

With no money and education, she had a hard time surviving on her own . Because of me, my mother did not have a choice but to grovel back to the Wen-family for help . Afraid that she miscarriage and loss me in the process . " Sophia stopped for a while; she couldn't stop the tears that falling her eyes .

Ann couldn't handle what is happening . She doesn't want to look coldhearted, so she got up pretending to get some water in the kitchen . In reality, she was getting emotional by the minute, and she needed to take a break before she losses it too .

After feeling calm, Ann went back to the living with a glass of water . She handed it over to Sophia and sat back down again ready to continue listening .

Sophia also had a chance to calm herself down and straighten her posture and continued: " Nevertheless, your grandma's life back in Wen-family became much worst, in the eye of the rest of the outsider, she's an unwed mother . Only the Wen-family knows the truth that she's married to an American .

While pregnant with me, she had to work very hard in their restaurant . She did everything from cooking to whatever . During this time, your grandfather tried to communicate with your grandma with no luck . It was intercepted by Peter Wen each time . She even tried to sneak out a couple of times to go to the US Embassy, but she was always caught and brought back .

After I was born, your grandma already gave up the Idea of ever reconciling with your grandfather . Until one day, a red cross representative came to the restaurant looking for your grandma . Your grandfather was in killed in Vietnam and upon bringing all his belongings back to the US . A family member found the Marriage license and a picture of your grandma along with a will stating that everything your grandfather own belongs to his wife, 'Your grandma' that is how we came to America,

My dad left enough money for mom to open a Chinese restaurant . Unfortunately, it was not enough to hire a lot of employees, just enough to keep the restaurant running . Mom did all the cooking and managing . I spend many days in the restaurant with her because she cannot afford a babysitter . As I was growing up, I'm mostly on my own relying on my ability because grandma was too busy trying to run the restaurant . " Sophia stopped for a little, chuckle and continued with her story .

" You know, at a young age I was already popular in school, I had many boys that was truly enchanted by my beauty," She said half smiling, remembering the good old times . She continued: "I had the talent for singing, dancing, and acting . I was always the lead in our drama club in high school . Our lives in America were smooth until I graduated from high school . " She then stops for a little, 'sigh' and tried to get her thoughts back together .