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Chapter 69

Sophia was lost in a deep thought reminiscing the past: ' God, I hate going back to the memory lane, remembering what we had to go through to be where we at now, it just hard for my soul to handle . 'But Mother, wherever you are now, I promise you! I will give them ten-fold of what you received from them; I will take everything they have . ' She thought like she's speaking to her dead Mother . ' She did not realize that Ann is now looking at her with sorrowful eyes .

" As I was saying, going back to my story . Everything changed when I received a scholarship to Julliard in N . Y . the acceptance rate in this performing arts conservatory is only 6% a year . Do you know how proud your grandma was when she finds out? A penny pincher, as she is, she gave away a free order of Dumpling with an order . " Haha . ha! Sophia laughs bitterly after that .

" Anyway, to be accepted to this school is something to be proud . Every aspiring performer in America dreams of studying in the academy . My first year was wonderful, I learned so much and met a lot of people who have the same dream as I . , One night we all decided to celebrate after a big performance test which we all excel . We went to one of the trendy clubs to celebrate . That's where I met your father who was there with some friends . " Sophia stopped again, took a little breather and got up to make herself more at ease while continuing with the story .

We instantly fell for each other and end up with a one night stand . A month later, I found out I was pregnant with you . The only problem was, I don't have any contact with your dad . I had only one option at that time, to get an abortion . I still have a couple more years of schooling, and I had an agency trying to scout me for a part in a Broadway show . To continue with the pregnancy, it will surely ruin my bright future at least that's what I thought at that time . Hence I went home and told your grandmother about the pregnancy and my plan on getting an abortion . " Ann's face was shocked when she heard that! 'God, she was even planning to abort me?'

Sophia continued: " Your grandma was so upset that she was ready to kill me herself . It was not because I got pregnant, but for thinking of aborting my flesh and blood . " I still remember us having a big fight that day, Sophia said in a sad looking eye to Ann who's listening with a straight face, with heart beating past . *thump . . . thump . . . thump . . * with anxiety anticipating the next part of the story .

" I told her I don't know where your father was all I have at that time is his name . It was a one night stand; If I continue the pregnancy, I will be a kicked out of school that I worked so hard to get in . Will loss the chance of getting a part in a Broadway show . But your grandma doesn't care about my excuses . She was so mad and started yelling at me . 'This is my flesh and blood too; I cannot let you kill my unborn grandchild . This child is a blessing, and we should cherish it instead of getting rid of it' . But I was only 19 years old at that time; I had lots of dreams . I thought that if I continued the pregnancy, all my hope and dream would vanish in the air . " After saying those words, Sophia kneels down in front of Ann and held her hand and tears pouring like raindrops this time, asking for forgiveness . She was so ashamed telling Ann of what she was initially planning to do .

" Anyway, after that outburst from your grandma, I realized what she said is true . It was not your fault; It was me and your father who had made a mistake . Why should you be the one paying the price? So, I agreed with your grandma that I will request for time off with the excuse of your grandmother's health . The Office of Administrative believed me, and I was able to give birth to you without them knowing . After giving birth to you, Mom pushed me to go back to school . She told me to find my destiny, and she will take care of you, so I have no hindrance to my future and dream . I argue with her and don't want to leave you, I was dead set to stay home and raise you or I can find your father in Asia, but the country is so big . It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack . "

Ann's reaction now is changing little by little . ' At least she didn't want to abandon me at first; she was willing to keep and raise me . A doubt still lingering in her mind' .

" My dream was to become famous; I want to be the best in the industry . Do you know that for me to fulfill my dream I had to become a coldhearted 'bitch' and step on a lot of people? I had to use my body and looks, not just my talent . I had other relationships, but none of them works out . That was Hollywood life back then . " Sophia got up again and started pacing back and forth .

She continued with her story: " It was hard to compete in Hollywood, so when I received an offer to go to Asia, I took it and started a new life here . All this time, I never lost contact with your grandmother . She will tell me what your first word, when your teething, what you been doing, etc . She also sent me pictures every month at first, then become every six months, then it becomes every year . The last one she sent me was your high school graduation . 'Oh! I was so proud how beautiful and smart my daughter is . ' Then she got sick, and I was really worried and wanted to rush back home . But at that time, I have something going on in regards to your father which prevented me from coming . " [ That story is for another chapter]

" Did you know that every penny that I make I would save it and send it to you and mother? In all honesty, in the beginning, I struggle here many times . There were times that I had to go without so that I can send some money to your grandmother who's raising you on my behalf . On the day of your grandmother's funeral, I was there . I hid behind the tree waiting for everyone to leave . I want to pay my respect to the best mother in the world . " Sophia started sobbing again, having a hard time continuing .

Ann's got up from where she was seated, went toward Sophia, then gave her a very tight embrace without saying a word . No word is needed at this time; the feeling is what it counts .