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Chapter 7



Jeff was stunned of what he saw in front of him: " Her smile so beautiful, and her eyes . . . A pair of shining green, he feels like he's drowning from a deep ocean . " His heart was beating so fast that he had to look away for a moment .

When he felt that his heartbeat becomes steady, he looks at her beautiful face again and looks at her straight face when he said: "Yes!, I'm very much available . "

Ann was speechless for a moment, she didn't know what to say after hearing Jeff reply . Her mind went blank all she could think was: "Here is a very handsome, God looking male species in front of her, how can she put it into word to ask that question?" . She decided to go for it and take a chance .

" I need a husband, will you marry me? . No! . . . . that's not what I mean, what I mean is . . . " She did not get the chance to finish her sentence when . . . Jeff just said . . . "OK!, when do we get married?"

Ann was shocked to the core of her being . "That's it?, that was easy, and to think I'm was going banana worrying how I will approach the subject" .

"You don't want to know why?" Ann asked Jeff . "Alright, why don't you tell me then, either way, my answer is still yes! . "

Ann told him her reasons and why she's doing this . After hearing it, Jeff knew it was him, the CEO that she's talking about as soon as Ann finished talking . . .

After hearing Ann reason, Jeff said, " Let's go! let get married tonight, so you can do this job, will talk about the rest later . "

Ann was hesitant at first . " What if this guy is a lunatic or something, why did he agree so quick? what is his motive?" Ann thought to herself .

She stared at him for a moment, thinking about telling him to forget it when . . .

" What! Did you change your mind? Too late, we made an agreement already, and you can't change your mind . " Jeff said seriously .

Ann was stunned for just a moment then said: "no! . . no! That's not it; I just needed to find my friend that I came with, then we can leave alright!" There's no way she will change her mind, the truth is she may never have the guts to do it again in this lifetime .

Ann was in a panic mode, she looked around the dancing floor, but there no Lea anywhere . "Where could she be? Ann tried calling, but because the music was loud, Lea did not hear the phone ring" . Actually, Lea was too busy flirting with the guy she was dancing with, she's so immersed with her partner that she forget about Ann and their reason for going there the begin with .

Ann was unable to find Lea, she started getting nervous that she just grab any drink that's in front of Jeff and drunk it in one shot . Suddenly she started feeling tipsy for no apparent reason .

The drink was the long island ice tea that Jeff used for a chase with his tequila, and it's very . . . powerful . It has so many different types of alcohol in it, one glass for a non-drinker of alcohol can get a person drunk in a flash .

With the help of the effect of the alcohol, Ann found the courage she never had before . . .

She grabbed Jeff's hands, pull him toward the door . As they were walking, she was flirting with her eyes, she then put a sweet smile on her lips " let's go, my future hubby, to the chapel to tie the knot and live happily ever after . " . The end . . . (Just joking!)