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Chapter 70

Sophia embraced Ann, as tight as she can . Finally, after so many years of yearning she's finally able to hug her baby, now a full-grown beautiful woman like herself . She didn't want to let go of Ann, but she needed to continue her story and finally get to the actual reason she was there . For Ann to take over the Tan Corporation in which rightfully belong to her as the true heiress of the company .

Sophia loosens up her embrace, pull Ann toward the sofa and sit next to each other .

"As I was saying, during your grandmothers' hospitalization and death afterward . I wanted to come, but I had an issue that needed to be resolved at that time . And I was unable to attend your grandmother's wake . " She looks at Ann's reaction then continued . [the story for another chapter later]

" Luckily, an opportunity arose . A fan meeting and small concert were arranged for me during the funeral service . I requested for an early flight so I can come to the wake and funeral, but Albert 'your dad . ' in the last minute told me that he's accompanying me in this tour which prevented me from going .

I was only able to sneak out for a little bit, during one of my autograph signings . I told Albert the wrong time and left the hotel without him knowing . Enda, my Manager, was adamant about it and did her best to prevent me . But I was dead set that I will not miss your grandma's funeral at least . I wanted to meet you in person then; I know you were grieving and probably cursing me to death . I understand I have no excuse for what I did, and I'm not making excuses now either . [Tear's flowing like raindrops on the mother and daughter beautiful faces . ]

" I always dreamt of the day when I will be able to announce to the world that you are my daughter . To have an intelligent, beautiful, sweet and innocent daughter like you is every mother's hope and dream . I'm no different; I'm your mother who carried you in my womb for nine months . Your umbilical cord is connected to mine, every bit of you is me, why would I not be proud?" Sophia said it with such emotion that anyone hears her word can feel the anguish and suffering she had to endure while working towards her goal . [Story in another chapter again!]

" After the funeral, I contacted my Lawyer to find out how I can take you back with me when I return after my tour . As my lawyer was working on the details, Mom's brother Peter Wen intervene . He took all Moms asset, including all the money in her accounts that I had sent to take care of everything including your college fund sold the restaurant, leaving you destitute in return . After that, I had lost all your contact until recently when your Manager Lea, came to sign a contract with Mega entertainment . Since then I was following every news about you, knowing you will be coming here soon . Now here we are face to face . " Sophia finished her story with a relief showing on her face .

Ann's sat there quietly for a while, then: " This is a lot to take in for me, I have a lot of questions that needed answers, but is not the time . One of this day, when I absorb all this and finally make sense . We can sit down and I will ask you everything I want to know . For now, why don't you tell me exactly why you are here? I know it's not because you want to reminisce the good old time, and to ask for my forgiveness, you could have done that a long time ago . So! what important business do you have with me that you had to come in person . ?" Ann asked straightface .

Sophia hesitated for a moment, then went on to say: " I heard from your Manager that you studied at Harvard University and had a Degree in Business Management and had passed your bar exam in Corporate Law . "Is it correct?" "What if I am? what about it?" Ann is now curious as to where Sophia is heading with this question . " I don't know if you read stock market, but right now Tan Corporation stocks drop down to the lowest point and keep on the dropping as we speak . Sophia continued while working towards her goal .

"So, you're telling me all this because? " Ann question her with a confused look on her face .

" The Board of Directors and other shareholders will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow to elect an acting CEO on behalf of your father while he's recuperating . They asked Claudia or me to step in . I have no understanding concerning Business matter . Claudia on the other hand only cares about becoming a star just like me . In short were not a good candidate . That where you come in the picture . " Sophia decided to go straight to the point and tell Ann her plan .

" You are the rightful heiress of Tan Corporation, someday all this will be yours and of course Claudia who has no interest in the business . Please step in as the acting CEO until such time when your father finally able to return . You are capable and knowledgeable in regards to this matter . You are the best candidate as far as my concern . Please consider it and think about it?"

" How are you supposed to explain my existence to the Board of Directors, say I agreed to this scheme? Are you planning on telling them that I'm his bastard daughter? Mother, I have a name and a reputation to uphold as well if your forgetting!" Ann said it angrily .

" No! That's not my plan . I will announce to the Board that you are my daughter . Being I'm his wife by law you are his step-daughter not his biological one . For the time being, we will keep your identity as his biological daughter . We will let your father make the announcement when the time is right . For now, we will do as I said . You are my daughter, and that's it . I'm his legal wife, no matter who your father is, your still his step-daughter in the eye of the law and everyone . "

"What about your reputation? Aren't you concerned that it will get ruined and you may lose your fame when your fans find out about me? Did you not think about that?" Ann's voice is now louder than before .

"My stardom is not as important to me anymore; I had reached what I want to achieve . I had been there and done that . What's more important to me now is my family . Whatever happens, happen I'm ready to accept the consequences of my action .

To be continued: