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Chapter 71

" Another thing that I want to tell you why I want you to be the acting CEO, I want you to have the power to take over the Wen Corporation . I heard through some source that uncle Peter is now relinquishing the position of CEO to his oldest son James who has a gambling problem . I heard he had been losing big at the Casino in Macao and Las Vegas . If he takes over the company, sooner or later he will start selling shares to supplement his gambling . When that time comes, I want you to be ready to buy as many shares as you can to take over the company you understand?" Sophia said it with determination on her voice .

Ann is now seriously thinking about it: ' After what she heard about how her beloved grandma suffered to the hand of this people . The so cold relative of them, she wants to pay them back tenth fold of what they did and more . '

"So you're telling me that it doesn't matter if you get a bunch of lousy review after this, and loses your stardom you don't mind as long as you have your family . I think that's a little bias don you think? You're a very famous celebrity; you worked very hard to get where you are now . Suddenly you going give it all up for your family . I think that's bullshit! Who are you kidding Me?" Ann is now distraught .

"You might not believe me right now, and I know it will take some time . The wound is so thick and not that easy to heal . I'll give you some time to think about what I just said . " Sophia was trying to convince her in the process .

" In regards to the other business at hand . Regardless of your decision tomorrow the emergency meeting will still commence . Whether you accept to step in as acting CEO or not, it's still going to happen . I want you to think about it not for me, your father or the company, but for yourself . Ann this is your legacy; it belongs to you and your future children . I don't want your children's generation to receive the same treatment as we did . Three generations are long enough . Your grandma has suffered enough from her family . I suffered enough from your father and his wife family . I hurt you . Combined all of them we had enough for this lifetime don't you think so?"

Sophia got up and ready to leave: " I will send all the detail to your manager . Do think about it, that's all I can ask . Sofia gives her a quick hug and a peck on her cheek, walk out the door without looking back with tears falling on her eyes .

Ronald and Leah still by the swimming pool area, waiting for Sophia to leave . As soon as they saw Sophia walking out the lobby door, they run rush to the condo to see how Ann was doing .

As soon as they walk in the condo: "Okay girl spit it out, what's going on? And don't lie to me this time you promised me! I think it's time for you to tell me what's going on" Lea asking anxiously .

Ronald in the other hand was so quick to make a phone call to Jeff . He wanted to inform him what had happened . Even though Ronald is not precisely sure what had happened, he still needs to report . He doesn't want to take that chance and get in trouble from Jeff later .

Lea was still waiting for Ann's reply when she received a text message from Edna . It's the detail of the location and time of the emergency meeting for the next day . There's also specific instruction's need to do when she arrived at the venue .

Leah doesn't know what's going on: 'This friend of her needed a beating for sure . ' she thought . "Ann, I just received a text message for some meeting tomorrow? What's this message? " She's asking her friend with a brooding look on her face .

"I'm sorry! Can we talk about it in a while, I got a headache right now, and I need to clear my mind before I tell you everything . Is that alright?' Ann said it with a sad and tired look on her eyes . The last couple of hours spent with Sophia took a lot from her mind and body .

Ronald did not know what to do as he was gazing towards Ann's direction . All he can do for now is sit and wait for an instruction from Jeff . Unfortunately, he has not returned his call . 'He must have some problem with the old man . ' He thought .

Ann told Leah and Ronald that she was tired and needed to take a rest . She walks towards her bedroom absent-mindedly: 'There are so many things she needs to think about the pros and cons she needs to weigh the most important and the less important . She was contemplating what she needed to do first .

' I need a plan badly, once I figure it out, then I can decide what do to next . Should I wait if Jeff will come today or would he go home to his mansion? I needed to know?' Ann's going banana, and her hubby is not there to comfort her .

Ann decided to call Jeff: * ring ring ring* No answer: 'He must still be talking with his grandfather . That's why he couldn't answer his phone; I'll try again later . ' thinking trying to comfort herself .

'But I need to speak with him right now . I cannot make this decision alone he's my husband . No matter what, we have to make the decision together . At least for now while we're still married, this also will affect his impending engagement and wedding through the Tan family . '

Ann arrived in the comfort of her room feeling dead tired . She opened the computer and turn it on: ' I need to do some research regarding the Tan Corporation if I'm to step in as the acting CEO . I would need to know as much as I can about this company . How can a person run a company knowing nothing about it? I have a lot of things to do . ' Ann thought with a grave look on her face .