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Chapter 72

It did not take long for Ann to find much information regarding Tan Corporation . They are in various industries . Constructions, Manning Agency, and Ship supplies . With branches and all over the world .

She's stater to get a headache just from looking at all the information on the internet: ' how can I step in as acting CEO when I never was once an intern on any of this type of business . What to do? What to do? What to do? .

Ann stared out of the window for a little to let her eyes rest from excess illumination from the computer . She was massaging her temple as it started aching when something catches her attention . The current stock market price was way below from the day before the accident happen . If it keeps going this way by the end of the day tomorrow, Tan Corporation will be bankrupt .

'If I stepped in as a CEO what could a day do to help increase the stock market price? With having an acting CEO makes a difference?' She grabs a pen start doing some calculation but couldn't come up with anything .

'My hubby is the only one that can help me . I studied business, but I don't know anything about Tan Corporation what do I do?' I need more info than just walking in and say; 'Hello! I'm your new acting CEO!' Joke on me . She laughs on her self . Shut-off the computer got up and went to bed to rest her tired mind .


Grandfather Go Mansion:

Grandpa Go was having a conversation with Grandma Tan over the phone . " Don't worry I will make sure that Jeff helps whoever takes the position of acting CEO . If anyone who can get the Tan Corporation back into its feet, it's non-other than my grandson . He got his genes from me you know?" Trying to lighten up the conversation by making a small joke .

"Like I said I summoned him a couple of minutes ago; he should be on his way here now . " He told Grandma Tan assuring her that everything will be fine and then hung up .

In the meantime, Jeff is on the way to Grandpa Go: ' What does this old grouch want now? If he started talking about the marriage again, how do I explain to this old man about Ann without him having a heart attack in the process? The issue of his marriage had been going on for more than four years now; this is too long . One way or the other this will be settled today . My sweetheart could be pregnant now with our child . ' He smiled in such thought . 'Mini Jeff, and Mini Ann what a combination . That's not a bad idea to have a twin, two in one shot . Hahaha!'

'When is that rascal arriving? I called him almost an hour ago, did he ignore me again? He better not be or I will personally visit that wife of his and create havoc . ' Grandpa Go thinking out loud for his assistant Ron Sr . to hear .

"He should be arriving soon, sir!" Ron Sr . replied without being asked .

"Who asked you? You know sometimes I can't understand you! When I ask you a question, you never answer me? However, when I'm just mumbling to my self, your so quick to reply . " Granda Go threw the spoon his holding on his hand and yelled: "You're unbelievable you know that! Why don't you make yourself useful and get me something to drink . You imbecile!"

"Whatever you say, sir!" Ron Sr . replied and walked away smirking .

Jeff was having a happy thought while driving on the way, but as soon as he arrived in the mansion his turn sour: "Where's the old goat?" He asked the butler who was standing holding the door open .

"Welcome Young Master! To answer your question, the Master is in the dining room waiting for you . " The Butler replied after bowing respectfully to Jeff .

"Thank you! You don't need to show me; I know the way . " Jeff went straight to the dining room where his grandfather eating his dinner . " Hello! grandfather, how's your health today?"

" My health is just fine; I will not be six feet under anytime soon . Unless you do something drastic and give me a heart attack, and it could be sooner . " He told him sarcastically .

"Grandpa, what's the reason you call me here today? It must be vital for you call me on Sunday when you know that this is the only time I can rest . Besides, I have an urgent matter to attend to right now . What could be so important that you contacted me?"

"This is more important than what you're doing right now, alright! Your in-law to be family business is in trouble . " Grandpa said .

"What in-law and what business are you talking about grandpa? Jeff told his grandfather . 'As far as I know, my wife has no family or relative, so how can I have an in-law? Wait! is he talking about the Tan family?' Jeff looked at his grandfather straight in the eyes . " Grandpa, there's something I need to talk to you about!"