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Chapter 73

"Hold it right there! Before you say anything, you listen to me first," Grandpa Go yelling on Jeff now while holding his chest like he couldn't breathe .

Jeff is now unable to continue what he was about to say . His grandfather stopped him from continuing . 'What's wrong with this old man? Does he know what I'm about to say?' He's now wondering?

Jeff ran to his grandfather and started massaging his back . " Calm down, calm down; you don't need to make yourself sick to death ok! "

"I'm fine! I do not have a heart attack, don't worry . " Grandpa still massaging his chest area . "Sit down! It's imperative that we discuss this like an adult . " He ordered Jeff, with a look that could kill .

" Whatever business you want to discuss with me right now if it's personal, it will just have to wait until I'm done talking . What I needed to discuss with you is an urgent matter . You understand?" Grab the napkin in his lap and throw it to Jeff to get his attention back .

"Yes! I understand, all right!" Jeff retorted .

"How much do you know about the situation of the Tan's Corporation right now?" Grandpa asked .

"Well! Since the accident, their stock price plummeted to the ground . I know that is due to the absence of the CEO . Therefore, they will need to hold an emergency meeting to elect and Acting CEO . Am I right? " Jeff asks .

"Hmmm" Continue! Grandpa is listening carefully .

"Unfortunately, neither Mrs, Tan or Ms . Tan is capable, so they will need to put someone else . However, the only qualified person to step in must be related to the Tan Clan, or the Board and the shareholder will not accept nor agree . " Jeff stands up, look outside the window contemplating on his next word .

" Or we can step in and buy out all that shares that become available into the market and take over is that's what you want?" Did I sum it all up?" Jeff asked arrogantly to his grandfather .

"Well dang! Did you think all that in such a short time? Well! Well! Well!, I'm proud of you! " Old man was grinning from ear to ear . "Almost! not quite thought" He continued saying .

"To be honest, that's a good idea, but that's not what I have in mind . " Grandpa now has a mischievous look on his face . "What I have in mind is, buy all the shares that come available in the market . Plus what we have now to have enough voting power to overturn whatever decision they agreed on . " Grandpa stops and thinks for a moment .

" You will work from behind the scene as the shadow of the Acting CEO, and you will help 'her' to get the Tan Corporation back on its feet until Albert Tan recuperates and take over . How's that? Grandpa asks Jeff who has a blank look on his face totally lost for word .

'Her? Whom is Grandpa talking about not, Claudia I hope . If it's Mrs . Tan, I might do it, but not that brainless snot . No way!' Jeff thought . 'On top of that, his wife might get jealous and leave him . No way Jose! I'm not that stupid to take a chance and end up losing my beautiful wife in return . They can kiss my behind if I help them . '

"So! You want me to help them get their foot off the ground and then what?" Jeff is now growling to his Grandpa .

"Nothing!" He replied with a smile on his face . "So are you going to do it? I needed to know so I can Inform Grandma Tan of the plan before the emergency board meeting commence in the morning . " Grandpa is now getting ready to make the call impatiently .

Jeff is staring straight to his grandfather face in deep thought contemplating . 'Do he want to further involve himself with this crazy people? What if he accepts his grandfathers' request and Ann get upset of him for helping these people, in turn, divorce him? Also, who's going to be the acting CEO? Is it Claudia or is it Mrs . Tan?' Too many who, what and if . ' Jeff doesn't know how to answer his grandfather .

"So! what will it be? Grandpa Go asked now yelling on the top of his lung about to have a heart attack again! "ANSWER ME YOU SCOUNDREL!"