Published at 13th of November 2018 09:59:22 PM
Chapter 74

Dear Readers,

First, I want to thank every one of you who had been with me on this journey . To show you my appreciation, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself . Many of you already know that I'm Filipino .

So, here goes my story .

Caution: My story is a little sad, but have a happy ending .

My family originated from two parts of the Philippines . Antique and Leyte . However, I was born and raised in Rizal Province in Manila . I have many siblings . When I say many I'm not joking, it's the truth .

My Father (God bless his soul) is a philanderer . Before he finally got shot-gun, wedding to my Mother, (God bless her soul as well) he already had Seven different (Panganay) 'Oldest child' from different mothers .

To make a very . Very . Long story short, ( You never know, I might write my story in the future) we often had to go without many things . While other children road Tricycle (Motorcycle with a sidecar) to school, I had to walk . There were times that I went to school without 'baon' Allowance and lunch to eat . That's how destitute my family were .

But you know what? It never prevented me from wanting to learn; it made me more determine to get an education to have a brighter future .

I guess due to my circumstances during that time; I started making all kinds of make-believe story in my mind and lived in that fantasy world . I did that since young and still do now . Whenever I'm struggling or unhappy about anything . I go to my fantasy world and stay there until I feel better and ready to live back in the real world .

Not lifting my own Bangko (chair) during elementary school, I always scored the highest in the test . Especially, Reading and Writing . 'Tagalog' subject only ok!

Now you all know where I get my passion to write . When I write, I'm in my fantasy world . In this world, all of you are part of it . When you read what I write, praise or critics how bad my writing is, I feel it all . I get sad, happy, and overjoy . Lot's and lots of emotion in which I pour into my story .

I cannot express in writing what I felt when I post my very first chapter . It felt like when I had my first puppy love, turned crush, and as I got older, it became the first love, then falling-in-love .

I was bursting with happiness when I saw that someone read what I wrote . It was a very long tiring day at work, and I needed a boost of anything to keep me going . During my lunch break, I checked my stat and: "Oh! My God! I almost choke from the pork adobo I was chewing . I got more than one thousand people reading my first chapter . I was shocked and thrilled at the same time . Unbelievable! To have these many people read what I write . I was dumbfounded

Unfortunately, I'm just like everyone else in this world . Has many responsibilities on my shoulder and have much priority over my passion for writing . I do have to make a living so I can provide for my family and they can live a better life than when I was young .

I want to write as much I can because life in this fantasy world is so beautiful . I can make it . However, I want it to be . On top of that, I am journeying with many friends along with me . "All my readers . "

Now here we are together writing our story, living in our fantasy world to get out of this mundane reality . I hope and pray that when this novel become Premium that everyone will continue the journey with me . Please, keep your support! Let's live in our fantasy world where we can be whatever we want to be .

Once again, I want to thank each and everyone who had been with me on my journey from the bottom of my heart!