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Chapter 75

After Ann sent the text message, she smiled at her deed . 'Let see if you don't come the minute you see my text . ' smiled while preparing the food that Lea had cooked earlier .

Lea walks out of her room all fresh and wide awake . As soon as she sat down, she started bombarding Ann with a question: " Ok! I'm all ear, speak! First, what's your story with the Mother Queen? Your Highness? second, what does she wants that she had come all the here and not summon you?" Asking while her mouth is full of food .

"I'll tell everything ok! Be patience . As I promised you before, once the time is right, anything and everything you will know . Now is the time, and after I tell you . There's something I need help with . " Ann finished with a sigh .

"Got It!" Lea replied looking at Ann seriously paying attention . However, at the same time thinking: "What's with this duo? Both are asking me to do something,

After Ann told Lea everything there is to know, she felt much better . ' It's a blessing in her life that she had met Lea when they were still in High School . Without Lea by her side all these years, who knows? They have been through thick and thin . She was there on the lowest point of her life, never leave her in a bind . If she's ever in the next life, she wants to be reborn as Lea's Mother and pamper her like she was doing to her all this year .

"Wow! Oh, wow! First time in my whole life will I get a shocking story like yours . I never even guess your relationship with each other . All this time I keep joking to you, calling her Queen Mother, when the truth is she is your Mother . Wow!" Lea repeatedly say Wow! and still in shock .

"So, let me get this straight, Sophia Wen is the mother that abandoned you at birth, Albert Tan is the unknown biological father, Claudia is your half-sister who is engaged to be married to you hubby since birth . On top of that, you were asked to step in as Acting CEO, not as the rightful heiress but as a bastard daughter of the famous Diva, oh! and Grandma Wen family took all her assets . What else did I miss?" She got up, started going back and port then faced Ann and " S-So, to make a long story short . Your the real heiress and wife and whatever else . However, yet you can never tell the whole world?" Lea is now getting upset now and boiling mad for her friend .

"What kind of Bullshit is that? 'ANN . ' What are you doing girl? Have you lost your brain? What happened to that smart girl I admired so much that I even forget I haven't had a man in my life in a very long time . " Lea sat back down again, now seriously looking Ann straight in the face .

" Please! Tell me you have a plan, and you're not letting all these people use you and step all over you right? Another thing you are not going to give up Big Boss Jeff to that girl right? No way! If you do, I will put poison in your food and kill you personally!" She's now in a boiling point and ready to wage war to this people .

' Who the hell! They think they are; In their dream! I will personally go in their dream and give you all a nightmare instead!' Lea mumbling to herself is grinning .

"That's why I told you all of it so you can come up with a plan . Where in a bind right now and revenge and torturing people is your forte; How about it?" Ann was looking at Lea with pleading eyes same as what Jeff did earlier .

' This two are a match made in heaven . Even when they're pleading for a favor, they're in sync with each other . ' Lea shaking her head .

" I have an idea; it seems that you're not getting out of this stepping in as acting CEO . However, you still have an image to uphold . You don't want to ruin your image to the public . Your commercial has not been released yet and still pending continuation . " Lea told her while seem to be thinking deeply .

"We will need to make sure that you show up into this meeting as an entirely different person . If Sophia plans to announce that you are her bastard daughter, you need a separate Identity . Will hide the Celebrity Ann, bring out the Professional Ann that graduated from Harvard . A degree in Business and a Corporate Lawyer . How's that?"

Ann: ' . . . Hmm . . . '


Mega International World Group

Jeff just walked into his office when he realized that he left his phone in the car . He remembers seeing a buzz light shown that there's a text message . ' I should have checked it could be important . Nah! if it's important, they will find a way to get in touch with me one way or the other . ' Continued his way where the F team is working .