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Chapter 76

Jeff went straight to the F Team office to check on the progress . He needed to make sure everything for tomorrow's meeting is in order . Everyone in the whole room was busy, including his Assistant .

"What's the progress?" Jeff asked everyone in the place, but mainly looking at Ronald .

" Looking good Boss! So far we secure 9 % additional stock under Ms . Wen name . The total now of stock she has is 36% . Do you think it will enough?" Ronald, not entirely convinced .

" We have the additional 10% combined with what she has now; she can be the CEO and kick whomever it is that they plan to take over as acting CEO . "By the way, I left my cell phone in the car can you get it? I seem to have a message, and it could be significant . " Jeff then walks toward the head of the F Team to discuss further the plan he has in mind .

"Oh! Yah! I almost forgot, I just spoke to Missus Manager . She told me to tell you that everything is under control . The arrangements all set for tomorrow . " Ronald informed Jeff as he was heading out to get the cell phone in the car .


Ann condo:

'Now that everything is out in the open, a plan is needed to accomplish their goal . ' Ann thought while finishing what she's eating .

"Ok! First I need to prepare for your appearance . You need to be a different persona than Ann the Princess . Let see? . . . You will need a wig to change your hairstyle without cutting your hair . " Lea walks around Ann and surveys her current look and style .

" This is not good; This is not good . . . your too beautiful girlfriend . It's going to be a top job to accomplish . " She motion to Ann "Turn around . This way, that way, good! now is coming to me . " Put her hand on her forehead acting like she's thinking deeply .

Ann smiles at her best friend's actions . "Why don't you hurry up with your assessment already! We don't have all day you know . "

"You need to contact the Mother Queen as you called her all the time . Informed her that I need to meet with her, possible tonight at the hospital when no ones there . This time, you will join us, you need to know everything from here on . Understand?" Lea nod and continued what she was doing .

Mega Intl . F Team Office:

Jeff was busy with the head of the team, discussing a various solution to help Tan Corporation out of the red .

'This is not looking good if this continues the stock will be worthless by the end of day tomorrow . I need to come up with some trick to boost up the price of the stock . ' Jeff went to his computer, plug in some numbers, do some calculation and walla! He told his team what to do, once everyone agreed and understood . Jeff went back to his office thinking about calling his wife . He needs to hear her voice; just her voice is enough for a vitamin for him to keep going .

When Jeff arrived at his office, he found his cell phone on top of his desk with a note [ Boss! Sorry! Urgent matter to handle needed to leave . ] From Ronald .

Jeff clicks on his cell phone and saw a whole bunch of missed call from Ann . He was about to call her back, decided to check the text message that he received first . ' From wifey! Hmmm! Let see what it say; she's probably texting me how much she misses me . ha ha ha!' Laughing out loud just thinking about it .

He pushes the message button and *BAM!* Ann message pop; [ S . O . S . WIFE BEING KIDNAP! COME TO THE RESCUE ]

Jeff: ' . . . ?' Smiles first then texted Ann back [ HUSBAND TO THE RESCUE! ON MY WAY!]