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Chapter 77

Jeff closed his cell phone grabs all his things and headed out to rescue his wife .

He stops at his secretary's desk first to give instructions . " If any calls come from my grandfather, tell him I'm busy and cannot be bothered . If a call comes from a woman tell her I'm on my way to a rescue . " Left without giving any more information than required .

The secretary nod and ' . . . ? What woman? What rescue? What's going on?' she thought with a blank look on her face .

On the way to Ann's condo, Jeff excited to find out what his wife wanted . A big grin on his face is showing .

'Why are you so cute, sending me text all in a capital letter . Knowing once I receive it, I will drop everything and come to you . ' Jeff couldn't help but smile

'Whatever it is, it must be important; I should have called her first . Too late now, I'm on my way already . ' Trying to convince himself that he did the right thing .

Jeff arrives in Ann's condo in no time . As soon as he opens the door, he started yelling: " Honey I'm home! I'm here to rescue a damsel in distress!" No one answers, he went to the Master bedroom and opened the door . "Honey, Sweetheart, I'm home! Where are you? " Still no one answer .

Jeff is now confused . 'Where is she?' He went out to the living room, there no Ann, went to the kitchen, still no Ann, lastly he went to Lea's room and knocked; still no Ann .

Jeff is now upset, and his anxiety level is on the roop . He took out his phone and dialed Ann's number . *Ring ring ring* No answer . 'What is going on here?'

He took out his phone reread her message . 'Is this message for real? Did she got kidnapped? '

He's now a full-blown monster ready to kill . 'Ok! Calm down; there's must be an explanation for all of this . ' Trying to convince himself .

In the meantime, Ann and Lea were with Sophia in the Hospital discussing the plan for the emergency shareholders meeting the next day .


Sophia made sure that Claudia was out before Ann arrives . 'Claudia does not need to know their plan; she would only make thing worst . ' Sophia thought .

"As I was saying, tomorrow when you introduce me to the board as your daughter out of wedlock, here's my plan . What you need to do is 'blah . Blah . Blah! " Ann told Sophia without a trace of emotion on her face .

Once the discussion was over, she asked, "Is it possible for me to visit Mr . Tan? I only want to make sure that my blood did not go to waste . That's all!" She told Sophia, but in actuality, she's more or less saying this to herself .

The truth is she wants to meet the unknown father even if he cannot see her .

"Sure! You can, If not for you he will no longer be in this world, of course, you can see him as you wish . " Sophia said it with concern in her voice .

" Lea, I will be right back, do you mind? " Ann asked her friend sadly .

' Do what you what you needed to do girlfriend, I know you want to spend some time with your unknown daddy . ' Lea wanted to tell her, instead, "Not at all, go! I'll stay here and do some work . Will leave when you're ready all right!"

Sophia accompanied Ann to the ICU to ensure they will let her see Albert . Once Ann was allowed and ushered to the ICU room, she turned around and went back to the VIP room to give the father and daughter time to be alone together .

Ann stared at the man in front of her with sadness in her eyes; ' Hello! Father! How are you? Are you feeling better after receiving my blood that had come from you;

'Do you know who I am? I'm the daughter you never meet, the one you probably not know exist in this world . ' Hahaha, she laughs at herself for what she's thinking .

Words she wanted to say, but cannot . Someday, when the time comes, will he accept her?

After wiping the tears that had fallen on its own without knowing . Ann said her goodbye to the sleeping Albert . Never knowing his only biological child was the one had saved his life .

" Lea, let's go! we have a lot of things to do . " Nod at Sophia, waited for Lea to get all her things together then left without a proper goodbye .


Back in the condo, Jeff was panicking when he couldn't find his wife anywhere . After rereading the text message he received .

Jeff is now worrying that it could be for real . Just as he's about to call his wife's phone once again;

Another text just popped from Ann; [ RECEIVED YOUR MESSAGE! TOO LATE!]

'What the heck! What does she mean too late? I was here the minute I saw her message . '

'Are you playing with me? Will see how you will reply to this one . '

Jeff dialed Ann number once more; *Ring ring ring* Voice message system kicked in: [ "Please! leave a message after the beep!"]

Jeff left a message: [ "Wife If you still want to see me! Your husband alive, one word! Come home now!"] With a very commanding voice . 'Take that!' Then hung up the phone .