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Chapter 78

After ann heard Jeff's message, she felt like a new person . 'Whenever they interacted with each other, she feels alive . They bonded so much just in a few weeks they had spent together . I think it's about time . When this is over, I will need to make a choice, but not until then . ' Ann thought .

Ann was in deep thought; she did not realize how her friend/Manager was staring at her confused .

'Jeff had changed her life in so many ways, like her friend Lea, who had been there when she needed someone the most . Jeff also seems there whenever she needed someone since the day she met him four years ago . ' Ann was looking outside the car while passing through some beautiful scenery on the way home .

" Earth to Ann? " Lea said

"huh! Did you say something? I'm sorry! I was in deep thought . "

Lea glance at her just a little then continued looking straight at the road . "Are you ready for tomorrow?" with concern on her voice .

" As ready as I can be, I guess!" Ann replied nonchalantly .

" Hey! Ann, let me asks you something, and you can only answer me truthfully ok!" Lea took a big breathe first then asks: " Are you now in love your Husband? If you are, What are your priorities? Love or career?" Lea asked Ann straightforward without hesitation .

" First! Yes! I know now deep in my heart that I'm in love with my husband . Second; priorities? Career over Love? That one is a little tough to answer . Because I want both, is that asking too much?" She replied to her friend worriedly .

Back in the condo, Jeff prepared himself . He took a shower, ordered some food for dinner . Bottle of wine chilling . Lastly, called his assistant to take Lea out somewhere, get her a room for the night . He wants this night to be extraordinary . Tomorrow will be a battle in Tan Corporation . Nobody knows what the outcome will be .

Ann and Lea arrived at the condo parking lot when Lea received a text message: [ "Hey! Beautiful, would you like to find out how well I perform?" ] From Ronald as per Jeff's instructions .

"Ann you go ahead, I have a matter needed my attention . " with a grin showing her teeth .

"Alright! If you must, so be it . Go! Don't forget tomorrow ok! No matter what, be back on time for that . " Ann was, worrying about how is she going to get rid of Lea for the night . She knows Jeff will be staying and she doesn't want to be too apparent to her friend .

She waives Lea goodbye and hurried to where her husband is waiting .

On the way up in the elevator, Ann's heart is beating fast . *thump . thump . * put her hand by her chest and felt her heart . 'why are you beating so fast . You're acting like a teenager about to meet her crush; He's your husband for god sake . You can walk on him butt naked and its still alright . ' She keeps on telling herself hoping it will help her calm down before he arrives home .

When Ann arrives at her condo . The light is dim; soft music is playing, the smell of fantastic food spreading into her nostril . 'hmmm, What is this smell, it smells so good is making me hungry . ' She thought to herself, not knowing she said it out loud .

" Hi! Honey, your home . Are you hungry?"

" Hmmm, yup I'm famished!" Ann replied to Jeff so sweetly, ready for action . ( I mean to eat . )

" Well, the smell that your talking about is me! DO YOU WANT TO EAT ME?"

Ann: '^-^'