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Chapter 79

Ann turned around . Behind her is Jeff wrapped in ribbon with a bow like a birthday gift; wearing only his birthday suit with a sweet smile on his face looking at her lovingly .

" Hahaha!" She's laughing hard now, tears in her eye, stomach aching . She had never in her life seen such a scene . So . so making her hungry . {not for food}

" Mr . Go! You are the most delicious delicacy I had ever laid my eyes in my entire life . Eating you will not be enough; devouring you more like it, and It will completely satisfy my hunger . " Ann told him teasingly .

"Whatever makes you happy, I'm here to oblige . " Walked toward Ann a little closer, a little more, reach out to her then wrapped his arms around her and gave Ann the most passionate kissed .

Ann returned the passionate kissed as much as she received; It lasted like an eternity for both of them, the feeling of loving one another is so evident in the way they were kissing . Is like no tomorrow;

Ann pulled out of their embrace enough for her to stare at her husband with a hunger look on her eyes; " Mr . Go, If you don't want me to devour you right here, right now . You better put something on besides your birthday suit and let have dinner first . I'm starving, and I did not eat dinner yet . " Smiled and walked toward the dining room where there's delicious food waiting and getting gold .

Jeff listened to Ann and went to put some clothes on . If it's up to him, he will stay as it is ready for action . When came back out, Ann already seated at the table munching on and taking a sip of wine .

In his mind, while gazing at Ann' God! I can never get enough just by looking at you so lovingly eating food away . Wishing I'm that food your happily devouring to satisfy your hunger . '

" Oh! Your back! I think I like your birthday suit better . " Ann jokingly says with a face turning red from drinking and blushing .

" Hmmm! Sweetheart, If you want I can change back to my birthday suit again . Say the word, and it's a done deal!" Jeff smiled and seated himself and started eating .

" How's the food? Feel better now?" Jeff asked Ann anticipating .

" I had never tasted such food, eating it while thinking about what I saw earlier it gives me a huge appetite . " Still smiling while looking straight to Jeff bright blue eye .

Jeff smiled mischievously to his wife and continued eating while in deep thought . ' How can he be so lucky to have met such a woman . All his young life, Jeff had lived with an aloof attitude, not wanting to have any connection, relationship nor attachment . He doesn't want to suffer the same feeling like when his mother left him at a young age in care of his grandfather . She Left him without looking back . '

"Sweetheart, can I ask you a personal question?" Jeff asked his wife busy picking out vegetables she doesn't like to eat and to put it on his plate .

" Asks away, it's free to ask a question, but It might cost you for the answer," Ann replied playfully .

" Let say, hypothetically I die and living you and our children alone in this world . Will you marry again? If your answer is yes, will you take our children with you or live it to you Mother to raise?" Jeff asked with sadness in the tone of his voice .

Ann was stunned for a moment and speechless; " First you are not allowed to die on me, second if you die on me, I will kill you! Lastly, no! I will not remarry again . I will live my life for our children until my time comes to meet with you again . Are you happy now?" Ann replied seriously .


After dinner, they went to the living room and relax, wine glass at hand slowly sipping, listening to the soft music playing .

Jeff got up, stretch his hand out to Ann" This song is for you! May I have the pleasure of this dance?" With a pleading eye that shooting at Ann's heart .

Ann took Jeff hand, got up, embraced him and started the dance of love with the most handsome man in her eyes . They danced and kissed passionately .

Halfway through the song, Jeff couldn't handle the heat any longer . Lifted Ann and carried her to the bedroom to continue with their desire . [Snu-snu time . ]


Note: I will end this chapter with the lyrics of the song playing during their hot scene in their bedroom . Living to your imagination what they were doing .

Please forgive me: by Bryan Adams

It still feels like our first night together

Feels like the first kiss

It's getting better baby

No one can better this

Still holding on

You're still the one

First time our eyes met

Same feeling I get

Only feels much stronger

I want to love you longer

Do you still turn the fire on?

So if you're feeling lonely, don't

You're the only one I'll ever want

I only want to make it good

So if I love you, a little more than I should

Please forgive me, I know not what I do

Please forgive me; I can't stop loving you

Don't deny me, this pain I'm going through

Please forgive me, if I need you as I do

Please believe me, every word I say is true

Please forgive me; I can't stop loving you

Still feels like our best times are together

Feels like the first touch

We're still…

[1] By Brian Adams . [ My favorite song of all times] Source: Google