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Chapter 8

After the ceremony, the two of them walk towards Ann's apartment . It only took them fifteen minutes, and they arrived . First Ann was hesitant to bring Jeff to her place . She doesn't want him to know where she lives, but after hearing him say that he has no place to go: " she decided only for tonight . . . Just for tonight . . . Tomorrow after the job is done, they will go file annulments (on a count of no consummation) and go their own separate ways . " That's what Ann thought .

Jeff, on the other hand, was thinking in a different direction: "He will never let this wife go ever . . . They will be married for life! What annulment? In her dream maybe! .

After they enter her small studio apartment, Jeff felt stiff and just stood in the doorway . His shocked to see how little her living space . A mattress covered with beautiful bedspread, small square table with a cup and a pitcher filled with water on top . In the far end he sees a bookshelf filled with book, ", she must like to read," Jeff thought . There's no kitchen, only a small burner in the corner . " For cooking soup or something" . he guessed .

While Jeff is busy surveying his surroundings, Ann, on the other hand, was so nervous . This is the first time she's ever been alone with a man in such a closed environment . She never even dated in the past, so she never experienced this situation in all her eighteen years in this world . She's so innocent that Jeff was enjoying the way she looks .

Jeff decided to teased Ann "Don't worry! I will not do anything, you don't want me to do, wife!'

Ann " . . . "

" Actually, I'm exhausted and would like to get some shut-eye, so . . . what's the sleeping arrangement? " Jeff asked Ann . " since there's only one bed, I guess we will have to sleep together . "

After hearing what Jeff said, Ann started shaking, and fear was visible in her eyes, which made Jeff begun to feel bad inside .

He really like her, she makes his heart beat like crazy . Before meeting Ann he never even been remotely interested in all those model's, actresses and heiress . " So, what's so special about this girl ?, am I feeling sorry for her or what?, I even married her knowing it's to lie to myself, which I hate the most . " Ahhhh! I must be too tired and not in my right mind, should I continue with this or exposed myself" . . .

Ann decided that she would just go stay with Lea and let Jeff stay her . Lea's place is just upstairs, it's much more significant because it's a one-bedroom apartment . After she packs some necessary toiletries and clothing, she told Jeff her plan . Jeff agreed not because he doesn't like the idea of them sleeping together, it's because he's afraid that he won't be able to control himself . He has wanted to kiss her beautiful red Lip's and who knows if he can stop himself once he started, better not push his luck .

Unfortunately, luck is not in Ann side at all . Lea's not home, after knocking so many times and no one opening the door, she dialed her number and still no answer . Ann texted her and waited for a while before going back down to her apartment .

She hesitates for a while if she should try calling Lea one more time or just forget it and take a chance of sharing the same bed with her new (supposedly fake) husband . What if . . . " Whatever " Ann thought I need to get some sleep, I have to be alert to do the translation tomorrow .

Ann opens the door quietly, the whole place was so dark that she strumbled unto something and tripped landing on top of sleeping Jeff, "butt naked" . . .