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Chapter 80

On the other side of town, a girl wearing a hoody with a facemask on seating in a cafe away from an onlooker . Claudia is waiting for a man that is recommended by an acquaintance .

' It's Six o clock, where can he be? He supposed to be here by now, what's keeping him?' Cladia thought .

A man wearing all black leather clothing sat in front of Claudia trying not to be inconspicuous . " Do you have the money?" The man asks Claudia .

She slid a thick brown envelope unto the table across to the man; " It's all there, count it if you must, but I advise you to wait . Too many eyes around here . "

" I trust you! To make sure that we are on the same page here; Once the job finish, you will deposit the remaining into my account . I trust you will not renege on this deal once is set into motion?" The man is anxiously waiting for Claudia's reply .

"Don't worry the money will be deposited to your account the minute you complete the job . One more thing, If you ever snitch on me, I will make sure you never see daylight again . You hear me!" She said in a stern voice .

"Got It!" The man saluted to Claudia, put the money away and walk out of the restaurant without a trace .

'Hahaha! So you think I'm brainless, let see tomorrow if you still think the same . I Claudia Tan is the only heiress of Tan Corporation . No one! Is going to take that away from me . ' She looked around to see if anyone recognized her before getting up to leave .


Back in Ann's condo, pillow talk is happening between the couple:

" Sweetheart, there's something I need to tell you, but first you must promise me that you will listen to my reason before concluding okay!" Jeff whispering to his wife laying on his shoulder .

"Ummm, depending on what it is, I don't want to make an empty promise . Tell me first, and I'll decide . "

"All right! that's fair enough . " Jeff is thinking about how he's going to bring up the subject without making her upset in return .

'You see, grandfather had asked me to intervene with Tan Corporation . I assumed grandmother Tan has something to do with it . " Jeff stop briefly to see Ann's reaction .

" So, from tomorrow onward, and however long it takes for CEO Tan to recuperates, I will be a shadow to the person that will be the Interim CEO . " Stopped again, lift his wife face to see her reaction .

" Hahaha! It's hilarious, what a faith we have . Here I am worrying about how I'm going to ask your help with my dilemma, and you just solved it in a few words . Hahaha!" Ann was so happy with the outcome .

Jeff couldn't believe what he was hearing, how could their faith be like God had been watching all along . The concern he has is now long gone .

" Let me understand this . You wanted to ask for my help because; You are the person they will recommend for the position? It's great! Now we can team up and show the power of Mr . and Mrs . Jeff Go!

"Sweetheart did I ever tell you that you're the most intelligent, beautiful, sexy, and the sweetest wife in the world . I never once regret that the time when I accidentally married you! 'I LOVE YOU' with all my heart . " Grab his wife's face and gave her some honey!

"Let's go make some little Jeff and Little Ann, for tomorrow is the day when we conquer the Tan Corporation!" Jeff said it full of joy pulling his wife in a tight embrace .

' Ann's heart is bursting with pride . Jeff is her man, and She's his woman . There's no stopping them now . ' She's thinking, then went into a sweet slumber without a care in the world in the arm of her loving husband .