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Chapter 81
In the hospital ICU, Claudia standing by the glass window overlooking her father laying in the bed with a lot contraption hooked up in his body .

Tears are flowing from Claudia's eyes as she gazed into the man who had raised her from birth . Never knowing someone else had fathered her in this world .

' Why do you have to get into an accident? If you did not, I would never have found out my true identity? I would not feel this insecure as I'm feeling now; Why? Daddy why?' *Huh huh huh!*' Claudia continued crying, not knowing someone had been watching her recording the scene the whole time .

The Director of the hospital was going to personally check on Albert Tan when he saw Claudia standing there looking sad with tears in her eyes . He did not plan on recording the scene, but he remembers her threatening him for the secret that he knows . He needed something for protection .

"This is not fair; no one can know that I'm not your biological daughter, if anyone finds out, I will be a laughing stock, I'm your heiress; Tan Corporation belongs to me . I would lose everything that's coming to me if anyone knew about this . I cannot let that happen you hear me?" Claudia said it out loud like she's talking to her father; without realizing the Director recording every word she said .

'Who could have thought that in a flash I will have an unknown identity for a father? Joke's on me!' Hahaha! She was laughing and crying at the same time .

The Director of the hospital feel pity for Claudia; he can sense a deep depression is wrapped around her right now . He stopped his recording, turn around to go back to his office without Claudia knowing what had happened .


Tan Mansion:

Sophia was busy preparing for the next day; there's so much she needed to arrange with very little time left . Tomorrow is the day; Mistake is not allowed!

'I had been preparing for this for 22 years; the day had finally come when I will be able to announce to the whole world . Once I accomplish this one, the next is to let the world know that Ann is the rightful heiress and not Claudia'

Sophia went to Claudia's room . She picked up the picture of Claudia's dead Mother . ' I will take everything that was yours . I already took over your home; your man is now my husband, and a father to my daughter; 22 years ago, you took everything from me, now is my turn . '

'Claudia now is your turn, just you wait and see; you're next! Your fiancee since birth will belong to my daughter as well . ! Once she satisfied with her thinking, she put back the picture on Claudia's dresser and left the room .


Jeff and Ann was sound sleep without a care in the world . Not knowing that somewhere in the Hospital someone is conspiring with another person; " You have to make it look natural, do it where it cannot be trace no matter how good the toxicologist . Remember, make sure I'm not around when you do it, don't implicate me I don't want to answer any question no matter what . You understand?" Claudia told the nurse on duty .

"Yes! Ms . Tan, don't worry I will do it during the change of shift, no one will suspect that I injected poison into the patient . It will be a quick death . " The nurse told Claudia confidently .

" Good! that's what I want to hear, remember if you make an error and unable to complete the job, you better get out of the Country, or you will wish you had never made a deal with me . " Claudia told her sardonically .


The next day, Ann wake up early to prepare for the coming battle . . . World war III is about to begin!