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Chapter 82
Jeff woke up early the next day; He feels much better full of energy after their long night of lovemaking . He slowly moved Ann's head from where she's sleeping on top of his arms . He was careful not to wake her up . Before getting out of the bed, he stared at his wife for a brief moment;

With so much love glowing on Jeff's face he thought; 'How I wish we don't have to deal with this mundane world . ' Slowly caress Ann's perfect soft cheek . 'I promise you, once this mess is over, I will give you the most beautiful wedding and an unforgettable honeymoon . ' Smiling to himself imagining the whole scenario .

He took a shower quietly, as he can . Tip-toe-ing while he was getting dress making sure not wake Ann up . He wrote a quick note and put it on Ann's vanity, to ensure that she sees the message first thing when she awoke . It read: [ Fighting! Your the best, I'm behind you one million percent . Love you!] ' If this note can boost up her moral, why not?' He went to his sleeping wife, kissed her very lightly then left quietly .


Ann's woken up from a sound coming from the living room . She turned on the right side of the bed where Jeff had slept the night before . Empty; Ann looked around the room found not one . She's all alone . Once she confirmed that he's gone; Still a little sleepy, she got up to put on a robe and went outside to see what's going on . What's all that noise?

As she was walking toward the living, she called out " Lea? are you home?" No one answered . She peeks into the living room and saw no one . ' I could have sworn I hear someone talking, who could it be? ' She shrugged it off as imagination and went back to her room .

To lessen her anxiety, she went and took a shower while waiting for her friend to arrive . As she was drying her hair, she heard voices again in the living room . Ann heard more than one voice; she hurriedly finished drying her hair to check who's out there in her living room .

What she saw is Lea ordering people around; " Once you have all your apparatus set up, I will waken my Princess Ann so you can begin her transformation," Lea told the stylist she brought with her .

Lea saw Ann; " Good your here, I don't need to wake you up . " She hurriedly ushered Ann to sit down where the stylish had set up all the equipment necessary for the transformation .

" What's going on? What is all this? " Ann asked Lea with giving her questioning look at the same time .

"Oh! she's stylish that was set up by Queen Mother Sophia!" Lea replied anxiously . " You!" pointing at the stylish . "Introduce yourself please!I" The stylish introduced herself to both of them, give her credentials .

Lea turned her attention back to Ann; " I run into her on the way here, I did not have a chance to check her background yet, and here she is, the one that will transform you from a Goddess to a gorgeous, intelligent woman that you are . " Lea jokingly said it with a smile from ear to ear .

" Okay! We don't have much time . I'm ready as I can be . Let's begin so we can leave early . I want to stop by into the Hospital on the way to the venue . " Ann told everyone as she sat down in front of the stylist .

" Why would you want to stop by at the Hospital before going to the venue? That place is so depressing . Also, you might run in with that half-sister of yours, that would be a mess . " Lea asked half curious half upset .

Ann waves her hand in the air then said; " Oh! Nothing, I don't know why, I have a bad feeling about something, an omen, as people say . I want to console myself before I face everyone in that Board Meeting" If you know what I mean .

" I know . . . I know, your nervous right now . However, keep in mind that you have Big Bad Wolf Boss Jeff in your side; you have nothing to be worried . Understood?" Lea was trying to ease her friend's nervousness .

" I understand, but I still wanted to stop by to Hospital okay!" Ann then motioned to the stylist; "Alright, let's begin, please!" She told the stylish without batting an eye .

The stylist that Sophia sent is exceptional; She had styled much celebrity in the past . Sophia had informed her ahead of time what's needed to achieve that look that Ann requires to pull this stunt .

Once she achieved the desired look, she asked Ann to put the suits that she brought with her . [1]Giorgio Armani Notched-Collar One-button jacket; price tag USD 3,000 . Complete with Valentino shoes; USD 999 . 00, and Herme's Handbag; price tag 89,000 USD . Anyone who knows' brand name product, will know she comes from money . Sophia's hard earned money .

The final touch is a pair of eyeglasses to make her more original appearance . With the complete package completed, no one will recognize her as Ann the Actress . But Ann the Businesswoman and a Corporate Lawyer .

Everything set, they departed and went to the Hospital first .

Ann had contacted Sophia of her plan on stopping by at the Hospital . They are to meet at the ICU to ensure that Ann an Lea will have access .

Sophia arrived ahead of them at the ICU . She was talking to the head nurse when she realized that she had forgotten her phone in the VIP room . Excused herself and went back to retrieve the cell phone . As she was passing the room that Albert is occupying, she saw the nurse checking on him . When suddenly a red alert at the nurse station .

Everyone is in the panic, so as Sophia who now speechless and in shocked that she cannot move from where she's standing .

"What's going on? What's happening? Please! Could you explain to me?" She grabs one of the Doctors that was on the way to Albert's room .

"I'm sorry Mrs . Tan, but I do not have an answer right now . IIf you'll excuse me, I needed to attend the emergency right now . I will inform you once I know something . " The Doctor replied and hurriedly left to attend the emergency .

This the scene that Ann saw when she reached the Hospital . Sophia's in so much despair that she didn't even realize that Ann had arrived .

"CODE BLUE! CODE BLUE!" One of the Critical Nurse yelled out!

Sophia heard what the nurse was yelling, in an instant, everything went black . She collapsed into the ground .

Ann and Lea saw this as they arrived in the ICU section of the Hospital .