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Chapter 83

Ann couldn't run wearing four-inch stiletto shoes; she can only walk towards Sophia who's now laying in the ground . "Mrs . Tan!-Mrs . Tan wake up! are you ok!" Ann's concern is showing in her beautiful face .

Lea was stunned lost her word or action for what she's seeing .

Sophia came out off it . "I'm ok! don't worry I'm fine, give me a minute to get situated," She assured Ann with a pained smile on her lips .

Barely audible she whispers said," Mom, don't worry; Dad's going to be alright, get yourself together, please is not helping anything . " Only Sophia could hear what she said .

A nurse came with a bottle of water, handed it to Sophia who's situating herself . "Thank you!" Sophia reply with a smile, to ease the people around from worrying .

"Mom, since we cannot do anything right now, why don't we wait in the VIP room first, too many prying eyes here . You have an image to protect " Ann told Sophia looking stressed herself .

" Yes! Mrs . Tan, please wait in the VIP room first, will inform you right away once the situation is known . " The Director of the hospital who just arrived in the scene told Sophia . He followed up saying " They are doing the best, nothing should happen to Mr . Tan, please! just wait in the VIP room first . " coaching them out of the ICU section .

Sophia looked around and saw many Hospital staff looking at her . To avoid it, she followed the Directors suggestion and went to the VIP room to wait for news of Albert .

They only have less than a couple of hours before they need to be at the venue . Anxiety is clearly showing in Mother and daughter's faces . The scene in the ICU was uncontrollable .

While they were waiting for the result, Ann called Jeff wanting to inform him of the situation . However, in reality, she just needed to hear her husband voice to comfort herself . Jeff is a dose of medicine for her emotion, and she needed him right now .

"Hello!" Jeff answered, knowing it's his wife on the other line .

Ronald who's standing in front of him waiting; " . . . ?' Once he heard the way Jeff answered, he knew instantly; his talking to Missus . He smiled and stepped out to give them privacy .

" What's up? Everything all right? Why is your voice sound strained? " Concern is adamant in his voice .

" Jeff . . . It's Albert, His . . . his . . . " Ann couldn't complete her words and started sniffling .

" Honey! Don't cry! What is it? Tell me?, What's going on?" Jeff is now panicking; bombarded Ann with multiple questions back to back without giving her a chance to reply . " What happens to Albert?"

" His in Code Blue right now; it's very chaotic here right now;" Ann told him . "We don't know anything yet; we're still waiting to hear from the Hospital staff . "

" Do you want me to delay the meeting for now? Is that why your calling?"

'Why didn't she taught of that? Jeff read her mind . ' She tries to make her voice more cheerful before replying . " Yes! If you can, we need to wait for the result . Until then, we should delay the board meeting . What do you think?"

"Leave it to me! I'll take care of it . I will arrange everything . Moreover, Albert will be fine ok! He has not met his daughter yet; he will not go anywhere, understand?" That word alone assured Ann now felt better .

Not a minute passed after hanging up; the Director came in the door to give them the news . " Mrs . Tan, Ms . ? . . " looking at Ann not recognizing her . " As I was saying, you may be at ease now, Mr . Tan is out of danger . It was just a false alarm . He's awake now and in stable condition . Whenever your ready, you and Ms . here, may go see him . " The Director said with concern in his eyes .

Somewhere in the Hospital, A Nurse is calling Claudia to inform her that the plan had failed .