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Chapter 84
Sophia and Ann, hurriedly went to the ICU room to see Albert's status . Looking on the other side of the glass window of the ICU, lay Albert Tan .

Pain, agony, and relief are clearly showing on Sophia's beautiful face as she gazed through the glass window separation . ' Hang in there my dear husband, your beloved daughter just reunited with us; it won't be long everything will be in the right place where it should be . ' She thought while tears are flowing in her eyes .

Ann is standing there next to Sophia silently . She as well as immersed in her thought; ' Thank you! for staying alive, hang in there and recuperate; Don't worry about Tan Corp . I will do everything in my power to get it back on its feet . There are so many questions I still need to ask you, till then; stay alive Father!' A tear is about to fall from her eyes, stop it just in time .

The two was immersed on their thought when; " Mother! What happens? I heard when I arrived that Dad was in a critical situation 'CODE BLUE . ' Claudia is walking toward them with Grandmother Tan alongside .

"Everything is fine now he's now stable and awake . Thank God!" Sophia wiped the tears and her eyes before facing Claudia and Grandma Tan .

"Oh! Thank God! That's a relief . I was afraid that we would be too late by the time we arrive . " Grandma Tan now in front of Sophia and Ann .

"Huh?" She's now staring at Ann who's standing there quietly without a word .

Claudia did same; she did not recognize Ann with her new look . Lea was nowhere in sight . She was quick to hide when she saw Claudia coming their way; if Claudia sees her, their cover is over .

The way Grandma Tan staring at Ann is making her uncomfortable . 'Why is she staring at me? Is there something on my face? ' She thought .

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" Who is this young lady next to you my dear?" She asks Sophia for an introduction .

" Mother-In-law, this is Joanna, a relative from America . She's here to help with the situation in Tan Corporation . " A simple introduction is all Sophia did .

Sophia glance at her watch and hurriedly said; " Mother-in-law if you don't mind I'm running late . You will be staying with Albert right?" Sophia asked in a commanding tone of voice .

"Sure! Go ahead! I will stay here until you return . " Still looking at Ann and looking in the other side of the glass window where Albert, with a suspicious look on her face .

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" Are you going to the emergency board meeting now?" Claudia asked nonchalantly .

" Yes! I am, how did you know about it?" Sophia questionably ask .

" Mother! Even though I'm not Business minded, I do get intel here and there in regards to the Corporation especially now that Dad is disabled . " She said sardonically .

" Someone needed to take over while he's recuperating; Who else can step in but the two of us, and I'm sure you have too much in your plate now . Also, I'm the rightful heiress, and I should do my part right Mother?" Claudia said it loud and clear while looking at Ann at the same time .

Claudia turned around to leave while waving her hand; " See you at the Board Meeting, Mother!" Hahaha! ' IF YOU EVER MAKE IT THERE, MOTHER-DEAR!!!'

Sophia: "Grrrr!"

Ann: "Grrr! x2"

Grandma Tan: " . . . ?"

Lea: " Grrr! 10x"