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Published at 30th of December 2018 03:35:30 PM

Chapter 85
Claudia went out of the Hospital elated to the max . ' Just wait and see who comes on the top after today, everything belongs to me; I'm the rightful heiress . I will get rid of anyone comes in my way!'

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"What my driver left? Are you sure? Did he say why?" Claudia is speaking to Sophia's driver .

" He needed to put gas in the car and needed to eat . He will be back right away . " Sophia's driver replied .

" You take me then! Mother can take my car in return . I need to be ahead of them in the venue; I cannot be late . " She ordered Sophia's driver . The driver did not have any choice, got in the car and drove off Claudia in the backseat of the car .


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Sophia embraced her mother-in-law, and quietly whispered to her ear; "Whatever you might be thinking; the answer is yes!" Turned her head toward Ann and motion and said; " Let's go! Time for showtime . "

Ann gave the old lady a nod, said her goodbye and followed Sophia out the Hospital .

"What do you mean Claudia took off with the car?" Sophia is asking the Security Guard, who's scratching his head not knowing what to reply .

"That bitch!" Sophia snarled . "Edna! Go get us another car and make it quick!" She ordered .

"Mrs . Tan, if you don't mind riding with us, we have space in the car?" Lea offered while looking at Ann for approval .

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" Yes! Mother, do ride with us, it will save us time . You might be late if you have to wait for the driver to get another car . " Ann is coaxing Sophia to agree .

"If you have no issue me riding in the same car with you, I would love too!" Sophia replied happily .

Edna, who's quietly observing everything that's happening, smiled to herself; followed along and got in the car with the three ladies .


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Board meeting venue:

" What do you mean the meeting is on hold? " One of the Board members exclaimed .

"We understand that CEO Tan health is critical; however our lively hood is at stake as well . We cannot wait . We must begin as time indicated . !" Another board member said it intensely .

" Now-Now-Now! Calm down, everyone! What are another 30 minutes, they are already on the way here? Moreover, CEO Go had guaranteed you all already that the Company will not go down . He will be helping the person that will become Interim CEO . " Elder Tan is trying to calm the members of the board .

"Let's wait and be patient all right! bickering will not help the matter at hand . " Elder Tan said desperately .

" All right!" Everyone said in unison .

' This girl better be as good as Mrs . Tan made her out to be If I'm to convince this whole bunch of money hungry Board members . I have to give them something exceptional in return . ' Elder Tan was in deep thought while waiting .


Claudia was ahead of the four ladies on the road to the venue . Ann's car following behind not too far away . Sophia and Ann are conversing how the plan should proceed . Making sure there are no loopholes . They cannot take a chance .

In the next lane, a motorcycle with a rider and a driver with helmet on are seen going the same directions with the two cars . Suddenly, when they became side to side with the car, the rider pulled what it looks like a Semi-Automatic Nine-millimeter pistol . Pointed it toward the car in the other lane then: " BANG! BANG! BANG!"

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