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Chapter 86
" BANG! BANG! BANG!" The driver got hit right on target . The vehicle swerved to the right . Running into a fire hydrant in the process, plip over a couple of times before landing top first . The driver was dead in an instant from the gunshot in the head .

Claudia was sitting in the back seat and was throw-out of the car in the process . She sustained a massive injury from the fall . Hitting a hard surface had caused her head to crack open, blood flowing all over . Broken glass inflicted cuts all over her body and face . It's a sight that no one wants to see . When the paramedic arrives, Claudia's barely breathing .

The unknown assassin had already fled the scene of the accident without a trace .


Inside a car not far away from the accident, four-passenger had heard the loud gun-shot being fired everyone was startled and shock . The driver instantly pulled over the vehicle for safety precautions .

" What was that? all five people said in unison, looking out of the window at the same time .

"It seems that someone ambushed a vehicle in front of us . " Ann's driver informs them curiously while keep on looking outside the window .

"Oh! my God! are you serious? " Lea said it wide-eyed .

Ann's has an unreadable look on her face, while Sophia and Edna were quietly sitting not saying anything .

"Mam! if it's alright with you, will go around, so we don't get stuck in the traffic? " Ann's driver asked thoughtfully .

" Whatever, you think it's best . It's fine with us . Right everyone? " Ann's look at everyone for approval . No one said anything . They only
nod their heads . ;" Let's go then, people are waiting for us . "


Board meeting venue:

The board members were patiently waiting for their arrival . When suddenly, " Wow! People, check the news, there was an accident not far from here . It was an assassination, the driver's dead, and the passenger is barely alive . " One of the members said excitedly .

Everyone took out their cell phone to check for the news flash; Sure enough, it's trending very fast .
"This is unbelievable, only in our Country will you find someone assassinating a person in broad daylight . " Another member said .

" Do they know who the target was? I couldn't find any detail of the person yet?" Another person was asking everyone .

Everyone was busy with the news not realizing the person they were waiting for had arrive .

At the door standing, Sophia who looks like what she is; A Diva . Standing next to her is a young woman in Business attire, but still emitting a Godlike aura .

"Hrmmpt!" Hrmmpt!" Everyone looks at the door and slowly . Once they saw the two women, they can stop themselves salivating on the beauties in front of them .

"Now that the people we are waiting for have arrived let begin the meeting" Elder Tan announced .

"Wait! Didn't you said that CEO Go would be here, he promised to help the Company off the ground, but why is he not here yet?" A member asked .

" Let's begin, who said I am not here?" Jeff announced himself who had been there all along .

" Wait! we are still missing one more person, Ms . Tan is the heiress, she should have the option to step in or not!" One member yelled out!
"No need to wait for Ms . Tan; unfortunately, she was a victim of an assassination attempt not far away from her, and currently being treated in the Hospital . " Motioned to Sophia and Ann to take their position . " Let's proceed with the Agenda of the day," Jeff said nonchalantly .