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Chapter 87
"This is unbelievable! First, it's CEO Tan, now it's Ms . Tan . There's something fishy here!" Another member comment while looking at Sophia's and the Elder Tan direction .

" What are you insinuating here? You better watch what you said!" Elder Tan is now upset .

" Gentlemen! If you excuse us for a moment, we have a personal matter to discuss among us . " Sophia told everyone with a sullen look on her face . Waited for everyone to leave the room .

She motioned to Ann, then sat back down, legs still shaking from the news she just heard . ' No matter how much she hated Claudia, she never wished for her to get into this situation . On the other hand, she remembers that she's the one supposed to be riding that car . The actual target is her, not Claudia . Who could have arranged such a thing?' Sophia is now scared .

Ann did not sit down, instead went to Jeff and whispered; "Hon! can we talk privately?" She touched Jeff hand secretly while asking .

Jeff felt how cold his wife's hand and saw her body shivering .

They went to the adjoining meeting room . As soon as the door closed, Jeff embraced his wife to calm her down . "Ssh! stay still, your shaking . " He whispered to her ears while caressing her back .

" Don't worry! Everything will be fine ok! We will proceed to appoint you then we will go straight to the Hospital ok!" He told Ann lovingly .

" This is scary Jeff; first it's my Father, now it's Claudia . Who's next? My Mother? Come to think of it, my Mother supposed to take that car . Could it be that the original target was her?" Ann couldn't believe it . But the evidence is clear .

"Let just get this over with and will go from there all right!" He gave his wife a lingering kiss on her red lips, then ushered her back to the meeting .

The recent information dumbfounded everyone in the room . However, all the Board members only care about their shares, who cares about who's going to take over . As long as the CEO of Mega Intl . Group promised to help, that's all that matter .

Claudia's accident became history in a matter of minutes . Like it never happened at all .

Elder Tan open the forum; " Our agenda for today is to elect an Interim CEO for Tan Corp . We have here is Mrs . Tan's relative who had flown from America to take the position . I will let her introduce herself to all of you . " Elder Tan finished his speech .

"No introduction needed . Let start the voting!" A member yelled out

Sophia " . . . ?"

Ann: " Huh!"

Jeff: "Huh! . . . ?" ' Greedy bastard!'

"Let do the voting; we don't have all day . We had been seating her all morning, and we are all hungry . Don't we?" One member asked everyone .

" Voting will now begin, Ye! or Ne! " Elder Tan announce .

"Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" X 10: Everyone yelled in order .

The voting ended unanimously . Every single members of the board elected Ann as the Interim CEO without asking any question, nor introduction . All that matter for the Board members is CEO Jeff who's going to be behind the person that will be elected .

Ann became the new Interim CEO without a hitch . Which elated her husband to the max .



Claudia is in surgery and critical condition . The damage she sustained from the accident is grave . There's a possibility that she might become vegetative due to the injury to her head .

When Grandma Tan found out about the accident, she couldn't handle it and had a heart attack in the process .