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Chapter 88

Lea who's standing by with Ronald in the adjoining room to the Meeting room still clueless of what's happening inside .

" Ronald, thank you! For staying with me here, instead of being by your boss side right now . Do you think everything is working out as we planned?" Lea fidgeting and couldn't sit still in one place .

" I'm sure! They got it all covered . Moreover, who do you think is my boss? " Ronald laughs with confidence; he didn't need to finish the sentence . Lea understood clearly .

With their small talk to ease each others anxiousness, they are now able to sit and wait for the outcome comfortably .


Ann, Jeff, Edna & Sophia were a loss for words, everything happened very quickly . They did not see that coming . They were prepared to battle the Board of Director if they do not accept Ann .

Who would have thought that every single one of them only cares about are the shares they have in the Company . They will take anyone as long as is within the guidelines . Ann fit perfectly, with Jeff behind her 1000000% .

Sophia and her Manager prepared to leave once everything is fine . She just received a call from the Hospital informing her of the situation .

' This is surreal, how could all this happen in such a short time?' Sophia's haggard-looking face is now showing .

" Ann, Jeff! We will head out; first I'm needed at the Hospital right now . Claudia still in surgery with unknown result . Mother-in-law had a mild heart attack due to that, and Albert's health is still not stable . I have so much in my plate right now, and I still need to have a press release . " She sighs deeply before pulling Ann in a tight embrace .

Speechless Ann could only comfort her grieving Mother in return . At this moment, she needs to put aside her personal feelings . This woman her Mother who had abandoned her at birth is now in the dire strait that only she could help .

" Go! Don't worry about the Tan Corporation, Jeff and I will take care of everything!" She assured Sophia while looking at Jeff for approval and comfort .

" Thank you! Both of you! Without you . I don't know what I would do right now . Sophia bid them goodbye, to attend to her family crisis in the Hospital .

" Sweetheart! What's your plan for today? Do you want to go to the Hospital as well? We can go together . For sure my Grandfather will be there, and I want to introduce you to him slowly . If it's alright with you?" Jeff asks pleadingly to his wife .

Ann thought of it for a while; ' Well sooner or later I will have to meet his family member, that's inimitable . whether it's today or tomorrow, it will occur no matter what . '

" Sure! I would love too! But how are you going to introduce me to your Grandfather? An acquaintance? A Friend? A Lover? or Your wife?" Ann askes seriously .

Jeff replied, after a big sigh; " I will introduce you as Mother of my future children, my one and only; and everything that you mentioned . Is the answer to your satisfaction?"

Ann smiles sweetly then; " Yes! Mr . Go, I'm very much satisfied . "

They stepped out of the Meeting room hand and hand, on the way out they met up with the two confidants Ronald and Lea . " LET'S GO!" They all said in unison, then started laughing out loud .


It's now official, Ann is the new Interim CEO of Tan Corporations . All the Board Member signed and stamped the document with their approval .