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Chapter 89

Ann's entourage arrived at the Hospital in no time . Hospital lobby is full of reporters all waiting for the venue to be set up . In order not to attract the reporters' attention, Jeff and Ann were dropped off at the private entrance of the hospital, while Lea and Ronald went through the Lobby to see what's going on .

Sophia had announced a press conference . Anyone who's anything in the News industries in the Country is there . If the new's is about the #1 Diva, they stop what they are doing and make her the priority . Sophia is a headliner, any new's about her is noteworthy . She has Fan's Globally, anything and everything about her, the fan's want to know . An opportunity for every Newscaster or Reporter; No one wants to miss .

Jeff and Ann made it to Alberts VIP room without hindrance . The sight they saw was unbearable; Grandma Tan is laying in another bed with seem to be an Ivy and different kinds of cables monitoring her heart condition .

The other bed lays Albert sound sleep also with much contraptions attached to his body . At the side of his bed, there Sophia slump in deep slumber while holding his hands . A sight to see, a different front of Sophia the #1 Diva of Asia .

They were standing there quietly as not to disturb them, Ann & Jeff slowly re-track their step and went to the direction of the O . R . to check on Claudia's status .

A critical Nurse who had just finished assisting the operation walked out just as they were arriving . " Excuse me! " Ann stopped the Nurse from going .

"Yes! Mam? How can I help you? Replied to Ann looking so worn out .

" That room you just came out off, is that where is Claudia Tan being treated?" Ann worriedly asks her .

" Are you a family member? Unfortunately, I cannot divulge information about the patients, unless you're a family member . " The nurse replied curiously looking at Ann straight face .

Ann hesitates at first, but is she is to get a straight answer; she needed to tell this nurse what her relationship with Claudia . She was about to reply when she heard her husband raspy voice .

" I'm Jeff Go, the patient's fiancee! Is my relationship good enough for you to give us information?" Jeff said gruffly .

The nurse is contemplating how she should respond . She looked to Jeff and Ann back and forth before replying . "The full detailed report will be provided to the immediate family members only . Since your only a fiancee, we're unable to provide you detail; Hope you understand!"

" As we speak, the Doctor in charge of the surgery is currently speaking with the Director of the Hospital . " The Nurse informed and hurriedly left to the direction of the ICU department .


" Mrs . Tan, the surgery is a success! However, Ms . Tan sustained massive injury from the accident and had multiple lacerations in her face and body . He informed her with a brooding look on his face .

"During the accident, the injury to her legs cause too much damage; it may cause her paralyzation from the waist down . We don't know for sure . We have to wait when she regains her sense . " The director continued .

"We transferred her in the ICU where Mr . Tan was, currently still in a coma; Should you want to visit her? We have the best people to attend to her; rest assured we will take good care of Ms . Tan . " The Direction finished proudly .

Sophia looked at the man standing in front of her blanky; " Hmmm! Thank you!" is all she said .