Published at 13th of November 2018 10:02:16 PM

Chapter 9

Jeff had to take a cold shower after Ann left, the combination of the heat and the alcohol in his body is just too much . . . he needed to cool down .

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After the shower he felt good, it was a much-needed relief . Suddenly he realized that he did not have clothes to change into . He needed to improvise, so he hand-wash his underwear and hangs dried in the bathroom .

Jeff figures that Ann will not be returning until the next morning . He should be fine sleeping ' butt naked . ' His underwear should be dried by then, or he can try calling his assistant first thing in a morning to bring him a set of clothing .

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Ronald was shocked after hearing what his boss just informed him, he couldn't go back to sleep after what he just heard . He stayed all night thinking about it . . . Ronald turned on his laptop and started searching on the internet for any clue or information about his boss new wife . Ann is not from a well-known family, he can't find anything at all to save his life which it made him very worried .

"Tomorrow, I will make sure to find out as much information as I can," he thought,

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Jeff must be really tired because as soon as he lay down, he was in la-la-land . He was in his dreamland having a wet dream for the first time in his life . Suddenly he felt a hand right " were it's not supposed to be . " . A . very smooth hand is touching his little-man, he wasn't sure if it's a dream or what, but it sure feels nice . . .

Ann, on the other hand, didn't know what to do, it's too dark to see anything . Since she can't see anything, she's not even sure if Jeff is asleep or awake . She slowly moved her hand away and trying to get up, when suddenly Jeff grabbed her and hugged her like a pillow: "What now?" Ann thought . She decided to move, only to be fulled back unto a tight embraced .

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She knows he has no clothes on, so she doesn't want to startle him and waking him up . She waited for a while, listening to Jeff softly breathing, soon she was in deep slumber as well .

After a couple of hours of sleep, Jeff woke up surprised to find out that his actually hugging a person and not a pillow . His first instinct is to get up and turn the lights on to find out who's this person next to him, then he realized that he has no clothes on and cannot use the bedspread, because they're laying on top of it . He waited for a moment to let his eyes get used to the dark instead, trying to figure out the contours of the person next to him .

Suddenly, Ann turned around facing him still deep asleep . Jeff's heart started beating so fast, his mind going blank . . . " What the heck . . what do I do know!' His emotions going haywire, his thoughts are going in many different directions, he doesn't know if he should go for it or forget it . . . He had to take a cold shower last night because of all the things that's was on in his mind . He has never been this turned on before, " not that he ever did it," he just never had the urged to do it with any of the women's in his circle .

In the long run, he decided against it . . . He doesn't want Ann to hate him for taking advantage of the situations, he really wants them to get to know each other first and go from there .

Jeff gave Ann a light kiss on her lips, making sure not to wake her up, then slowly got up and put his clothes on then laid back down and went back to sleep .