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Chapter 90
The Hospital Director bid his goodbye, slowly making his way back to his office thinking . 'I wonder if she has an inkling that Ms . Claudia is not Mr . Tan's Biological daughter . Or does she knows that it is Ms . Ann Wen the real one? '


Grandpa Go arrived in the VIP in a rush . When he heard that Grandma Tan had a heart attack, he runs rush to the Hospital to see how she's faring . "Wher is she? Grandma Tan, where are you?" He's yelling as he was coming in the room .

Sophia motion to Grandpa Go: " Shss!" pointed at the bed next to Albert where Grandma Tan was laying sound sleep . " Oh! My dear! Once he's sight caught Grandma Tan, he then slowed down and able to calm himself .

"What is this I hear from the News that Claudia had been in an accident? Is this true?" He anxiously asked Sophia .

"Yes! It's true; it's unclear why would someone ambush her in broad that daylight? I don't remember her having any enemy at all .

"This is just unbelievable when I heard about it I was shocked! What a conspiracy, It must be that- that; " Grandpa Go stop himself in time before he blurts out . Jeff has a wife .

" Is Jeff not here? He supposed to be here! That is his fiancee that's in a critical condition, why is he not here? " Grandpa Go is rumbling on and on and is giving Sophia a headache .

Sophia is about to inform Grandpa Go that Jeff is in the Hospital . When suddenly the door open very lightly, and Ann and Jeff walk in hand and hand .

"Grandfather! It's good that you are here!" Jeff did not get to finish what he was going to say .

The old man started ranting . " Good that you here! We need to talk! That . . . " Grandpa Go stopped and dumbfounded when he saw the woman next to Jeff still holding his hand .

"Who are you? What is your relationship with this family?" Still looking at Ann shocked .

Ann wasn't sure how to answer, she looked at Jeff for help . But none was found . She has no other option but to reply . " My name is Joanna Wen; I'm a relative of the Tan from America" extending her hand to shake Grandpa who's until now has his mouth open .

'Wen? Relative of Tan? I see that's why she looks exactly as my first love . The similarity is awesome, who is she? How come I never heard about here before?' Grandpa confused now and wanted to ask her all the question . Instead, he went straight to point;

"What is your relationship with my grandson? Don't you dare lie to me, I might be old, but I'm not blind? You two were holding hand when you came in . Answer me! What is your relationship with each other?" Grandpa Go is now very adamant to know who this person is; And her real relationship with Jeff .

Jeff was standing like a bystander curious how his wife will handle his grandfather . Deep in his heart, he wanted to answer for her . But knowing his grandfather, he will not let him talk if he can help it .

Ann was seriously contemplating how politically she can answer this old man without giving him a heart attack in the process . "Grandpa Go, may I call you that?" Ann asks with a sweet smile on her beautiful face .

" Call me anything you want, as long as you answer my question?" He smirked and smiled a little .

' This is a good sign; grandfather is accepting my sweetheart, I saw him smiled . hehe!" Jeff thought happily .

" My relationship with your grandson is a little complicated . To make you understand, It's better if you ask your grandson instead . " Ann replied teasingly .

Jeff was stunned by how quick his wife turned the table on him . 'hmmm! You will pay for it wifey . You wait when we get home, I will make you pay for it!' smiling to himself thinking deeply .

"YOU! GRANDSON OF MINE, WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS WOMAN!!!" Grandpa Go is now pissed-off and waiting for an answered?

"Grandpa! Calm down alright . To answer your question, Ann is . . . "