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Chapter 91
Jeff was about to reply to his grandfathers' question . Suddenly Sophia interrupted them; " Grandpa Go, CEO Go, I would appreciate if you all can continue your discussion in the VIP waiting room . The yelling and tension are not good for the patients . " Sophia said it with a straight face .

"I'm sorry! I got too excited and did not pay attention with my manner . You are right! Patients room are not the place to have this kind of conversation . It will distress the atmosphere . " He got up and motioned to Ann and Jeff .

"You two! Follow me, and don't even think about bailing out . An answer I will receive today, not tomorrow; Understand!" He told them growling and slowly made his way to the VIP waiting room with the help of his assistant .

Ann gave Jeff a meaningful look . His Grandfather is adamant to know the truth about her . 'Let see how you will respond to your grandfather on this one . ' Ann sardonically smiled to herself .

The couple followed Grandpa Go to the other room . When they opened the door, a Police officer was about to knock .

"I'm sorry! I'm Officer Gomez, from the crime prevention unit . I'm here to speak with the family of the victim; Would that be you, sir!" Looking at Grandpa Go .

"No . . . No . ! it's not me; It's that lady over there!" Pointing at Sophia's direction eagerly .

" Hello! Mam, I'm sorry to bother you, but we need to have a few questions in regards to the incident that Ms . Tan was involved?

" Is this a private inquisition or can we stay? We also needed to know . " Grandpa Go intervenes, forgetting about the couple at the moment .

Jeff and Ann looked at each other relief can be seen on their face . ' Thank God for this Officer; I don't want to add you to the people lying in this hospital Grandpa . ' Jeff squish his wife's hand while in deep thought . Continued listening what Officer Gomez was saying .

"No' is not a private matter at all, we are investigating the two incident . The one CEO Tan was involved and Ms . Tan's assassination attempt . We have ordered from the higher up to make sure we find the culprit . " Officer Gomez explained to everyone .

" That's good! Then I will stick around, and I might be of help . " Grandpa Go slowly made his way to the sofa he was sitting before .

"I think it's better if we all move to the waiting room . It's too crowded here, and also the patients is still recuperating . " Sophia got up and started ushering them toward the other room .

Everyone followed, leaving only the two patients that are sound asleep .

Unknown to everyone, Mr . Tan heard every word of their conversation, so as Grandma Tan .