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Published at 30th of December 2018 03:35:09 PM

Chapter 92
Albert had woken up from the sounds of Grandpa Go questioning a woman about her relationship with CEO Go . He started thinking; ' Could it be that woman he met at CEO office; The new spokesperson of the Mega Intl . Group? He also wonders what her relationship with him and his wife is? Once he recuperates, he will find out for sure . ' Albert couldn't shake off his suspicion since the day he met her .

In the meantime, in the VIP waiting room; " Everyone, please make yourself comfortable, this make take a while . " Officer Gomez inform them .

Once everyone found a seat, Officer Gomez started his inquiries .

"Mrs . Tan, based on your knowledge, do you know of any enemies you or your family member might have? Did you recently have any threatening experience? etc . etc . etc . " [ Boring detail]

"To answer all your question, no on everything you asked," Sophia replied .

"I have a question instead" Grandpa Go butt-in looking at Officer Gomez .

" Go ahead!"

" Only a thought, why not question other family members whom might have motives" He replied while looking at Ann's direction .

' What's wrong with this old man, is he suspecting me? He got a nerve!' Ann's face turned sour and looked at Jeff with a warning .

' Granpa, don't do that! She's my wife you are suspecting, and she knows it by the way you look at her . ' Jeff is now looking at his Grandfather with his eyebrows squeezed together .

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"As of right now, we do not have any suspect yet . That's not to say we wouldn't have one tomorrow . Rest assured that we will thoroughly investigate this matter and will catch whoever did this . " Officer Gomez said it confidently .

" Good! that's good, no matter who it is, and what's the relationship with the Tan family; make sure they pay for the crime!" Still looking at Ann, with raised upper eyelid and wrinkled nose .

"Well let's end this for now, If I have any more question, do you mind if I come again?" He asked Sophia with respect in his voice .

" Not at all, Officer . You may contact my Manager ahead of time to ensure that I'm available . " Sophia's voice sounds uncompromising .

Once Officer Gomez left, Grandpa remembers what they were supposed to be doing before the questioning . Unfortunately, he was too late . The couple was very quick on following the officer .

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Leaving only him, Ron and Sophia who's about to go back to the other room without saying a word to him .


Jeff and Ann sneak out as fast as they can . Followed by Lea and Ronald, when Grandfather wasn't paying attention . The couple was texting each other the whole time while Officer was questioning Sophia .

They agreed not to tell Grandfather Go their relationship as off now . There are too many things going on, and knowing about their relationship will only fuel the old man's anger .

As they were heading to the other room, they accidentally run-in with the Director of the Hospital .
He beckons them to come to his office; " There's something I needed to discuss with you if possible?" Looking at Ann .

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"Me? About what?" She's now curious .

"It's about Ms . Tan; I think it's better if we go into my office and discuss it in private . "

"Can they come too or just me? " Ann now baffled and unsure why he needed to speak to her in private .

" I would prefer that it's only you . Others shouldn't hear this . " He told Ann in very seriously .

" Is it all right with you guy?" She turns and looks at everyone for an answer .

"Go ahead!" Jeff told her .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!