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Chapter 93

Ronald and Lea who had been quiet all this time, in unison: " We will go down and check out the press conference downstairs, will be back in a Jiffy . " Lea and Ronald happily left the two on their own .

"Go ahead! I will text you guys when we're done here; it should take long . " She turned her attention to the Director: " He's coming with me, no if no but, no other way! is that clear?" Grab Jeff's hand and pulled him with her to go inside the room .

The Director could do or say a word . 'The way Ann had commanded him, there's no way he would want to cross her . ' He thought to himself while scratching his head on the way into his office .


The meantime, Grandpa Go went back to Albert's room following Sophia . When they arrived, he was elated to see Grandma Tan already out the bed and sitting by Albert's bed talking to him .

He stood by the door and gazed at the woman he loves since young . Suddenly a thought came to his mind while looking at Grandma Tan intensely;

'The girl similarity with my sweetheart when we were young is impressive . How could it be? What is their relationship with each other? It's a confusing mystery, and I need to find out one way or the other . ' His suspicion is growing by the minute .

'Now that Claudia is in this predicament, and Jeff being married already to some unknown woman . . . Whoa! Could it be that Jeff's wife is her!' Grandpa Tan is now smiling for he is thinking without realizing that Grandma Tan was beckoning him .

" Grandpa Go, you're here! Come over and see, Albert's doing very well . " Grandma Tan told him while patting the chair next to her indicating for him to sit down .

Grandpa Go slowly made his way to Grandma Tan with the biggest smile he can come up .


" Please! Excuse the clutter in my office . I had been so busy lately that I had not had a chance to clean up . " Trying to make small talk to both of them .

" It's fine! We did not come here to look at the clutter in your office, so why don't we get on with the business . I'm a very busy person . " Ann retorted to the Director with a straight face .

"I apologize! I didn't mean to . . . " He was cut off by Jeff this time .

"Cut the crap, what is it that is so important that you needed to talk to her in private? Speak out!" Jeff was already losing his patience .

" It's about Ms . Claudia . Before her accident happening she was at the ICU in such sorry form . I was going to approach her, but when I got closer, she was mumbling something . What I heard is so shocking that I had to record it . " He looks for a reaction from Jeff and Ann, [Blank]

" You see! it's about Mr . Tan . "

"What about Mr . Tan?" Jeff is now curious .

"Take a look at this! " Hand over his cellphone to Jeff .

Ann scoot over closer to her husband to take a look at the recorded video together . What they saw left both of them speechless and Shocked .

" When did you recorded this? Is it before her accident or after? And why didn't you turned it over to Officer Gomez who was just here?" Ann is now really upset with burning rage showing on her face .

" You see! there's this thing that I had done and I'm afraid I will be implicated if known . " He replied with remorse on his voice .