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Chapter 94
Jeff and Ann were stunned for what they heard from the Director .

" You're telling us that the reason you did not provide this video recording to Officer Gomez is that you had conspired with Claudia yourself?" - 'This is great! just great . ' Ann rolled her eyes, shook her head then look towards her husband for input .

" If your afraid of getting implicated with this incident, I advise you to contact Officer Gomez, turned in this evidence for your protection . Worst come to worst, you can be a witness, instead of accomplished . Think about it? " Jeff told the Director straight up .

" Your right! Why didn't I think of that! I was so afraid and overlooked the possibility of me as a witness . Moreover, I only withheld vital information from her test result, in exchange for a better future . Nothing else . " He sighed in relief and agreed to disclose all that he knows to Ann and Jeff .

Jeff was not surprised at all . The day that Claudia and Ann had their test done, he manages to obtain all the data from a source in the Hospital . He's always ahead of the game if it's anything to do with his wife . Jeff has a team of an investigator looking on the incident as well . It will only be a matter of time when the culprit is revealed .


Sophia's seating in front of many reporters ready to provide answers to their questions .

" Ladies and Gentleman of the Media, I want to thank you all for coming here today . I appreciate everyone for taking the time to listen to me and inform the public of my current situation . I hope that you only write or report the truth, and not making up a story . " She spoke out loud for everyone to here while smiling sweetly to the camera for the public to see .

[ Reporter's asked their questions, and Sophia answered them all Politically . They reported the news the way Sophia delivered it to the public . Everyone praised her for her courage and loving support to her family . She's still the # 1 Diva in the eyes of her fans and public . ] End of the boring details .

Jeff, Ann, Lea, and Ronald was watching the press conference in the comfort of Ann's condominium .

They left the Hospital as soon as they finished speaking with the Director . They don't want to take a chance on running with the Old man again to be interrogated .


'In two weeks since they arrived in Asia, so much had happened . Too many secrets and lies unfold . What supposed to be a trip to cancel a contract, ending in her staying instead . The plan they had made before going to Asia, all went down the drain . ' Ann seating in her living room exhausted .

[ Mom! You know I would if I could' . There are so many things going on right now, and to fly back just for Thanksgiving is a little overboard; Let me talk to Ann and see what she say all right!] Lea talking to her Mother from Las Vegas asking her if she's coming back for the Holiday .

' This Mother of mine is too overbearing . How am I supposed to be back for the Holiday when it's 17 hrs flight to spend a weekend . She must be hallucinating from playing too much Mahjong . Is not like I own a Jet where I can order a pilot to go and come back . It's driving me nuts!' Leah is rumbling to herself as she passed by the couple in the living room her way to the kitchen .

Ann: ' . . . ?'

Jeff: 'Hmmm!'