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Chapter 95
Lea was rumbling about her Mother as she passed by the couple in the living room . Not realizing they had overheard her and now discussing the possibility of spending Thanksgiving with her family .

"What do you think? Do you want to go? Everything is settled here; you had been in too much stress lately . " Jeff asked his wife while massaging her shoulder .

" In all honesty, for the last four years since my grandmother passed away, Lea's family had mainly adopted me . Especially on Holidays . We always go home to celebrate with them, and it's a shame to miss it for the first time . " Ann regretfully replied to her husband .

"Well, is not too late you know! We can fly out this evening be there on time for Thanksgiving, stay for a couple of days and fly back . Besides you have for a companion the whole way, I will make sure to keep you busy . " Jeff whispered to his wife lovingly . " Say the word, your the boss!" Jeff gives his wife a light smack-kiss on her lips .

"But you're very busy, can you just take off like that?" Ann is looking at Jeff with a doubtful look on her face .

" Sweetheart! Who do you think your husband is? I'm the CEO remember? I can take off anytime I want, especially if it's for the happiness of my beautiful and very alluring wife . "

"Well . . . If . Yes! I want to go!" Ann happily jumps her husband playfully, kissing him all over his face . " Lea!!! Come here! Pack your bag; we're going home for Thanksgiving . No! Changes that! no need to pack were going shopping when we get there . " Ann happily yelled out to her best friend who's currently emoting in the kitchen .

Lea and Ronald were not sure what they heard, they run rushed to the living room to make sure . " You guys are serious? Don't pull my legs right now! Let me call my Mother! On the other hand, let's surprised her and shows up when it's time to eat Turkey! Hahaha" Lea was happy to the max, run off to her bedroom to pack .

Ronald was left standing in front of the couple speechless . Scratching his head not knowing what to do .

" What are you still waiting for, you need to make the arrangement . We are leaving in a couple of hours if we want to make it on time for Turkey!" Jeff ordered .

" I'm going too?"

" What? You don't want to meet your future in-law?" Jeff replied jokingly .

" You are bad you know! Why are you teasing Ronald, look at his face turning red like an apple" Ann told her husband as she got up to make preparation .


Las Vegas Nevada-Kuan Residence:

"Why are you getting so upset just because they will not be able to come? You keep forgetting that they are not in America, they are in another Country . Is not like they have wings or own a Jet you know!" Mr . Kuan told his wife

" I know! I shouldn't expect them to come since they are too far away . Is just a wish, Is not the same without them . You know what I mean?" Mrs . Kuan sadly replied to her husband .

" We can always ask them to come home for Christmass instead, would that make you happy? Mr . Kuan is trying to sooth his American Wife who value the tradition wholeheartedly .

" I guess so! What else can I do? Well, let pray for a Miracle to happen . God only knows they might show up and surprise us . " She said it with a hopeful look on her face .