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Chapter 96
Ann contacted Sophia to inform her of their plan and to assure her that they will be back in time . After the conversation, she made the preparation . They will be traveling light since they plan to go on a shopping spree .

Jeff and Ronald had to go back to the mansion to get some necessities for the trip . Ronald prepared a memo to send to all of the head department of Mega Intl . Groups in case an emergency occurs while they are out of the Country . Employees at the Mega Headquarters already used to it . For the past four years, they received this type of memo a hundred times .


" It's surreal; I'm flying back to spend Thanksgiving day with my family . I'm seating not in a first class cabin, but a Mega class! Hahaha!" Lea was cracking a joke to the now very nervous Ronald .

In the private cabin of the Jet, Ann and Jeff are snuggling comfortably not a care in the world .

After a long 17 hours flight, they arrived in Las Vegas International Airport . After getting clearance from the Custom, they head out to the car that was already waiting for them to take them straight to Mega International Hotel and Casino .

" Ann, since we arrived a day early, after doing our shopping spree, how about we watch your Idol show tonight . I'm sure handsome man here can get us a ticket . " Lea was pointing with her perked-up lips to Ronald .

" Do you want to see her show? or are you tired and want to rest afterward?" Jeff asks Ann in his embrace looking worn out from the long flight .

" Yes!-oh-Yes! I would love to go see her show, I'm not tired see . " stretching and flexing her muscle after wiggling out of Jeff's embrace .

' God! she so innocent, if it comes to her Idol, I think she will forget that I even exist . ' Jeff is now eating vinegar .

They arrive at the Hotel without a hitch . The Manager has everything prepared in advance before their arrival . Ronald also informs him that the Missus is accompanying the Boss .

Everyone who's anyone within the Hotel want's to get a glimpse of the only woman that was able to capture their CEO .

Asian style, all the heads of every department waiting by the entrance of the Hotel to welcome them .

As they were approaching the entrance, Ann and Lea saw them; " Jeff, are all those people waiting to welcome you?" Ann asked feeling uncomfortable .

"Why? Do you have an issue with them welcoming us?"

" Is not an issue, what if there's a reporter around? You don't want Grandpa Go getting a heart attack, do you? It will shorten our time here . " Ann tries to joke .

"She's right you know! one picture in the news and your secret love affair will be known to the whole world . " Lea's jokingly said with concern showing in her eyes .

"Ronald who's quietly sitting and deep in his thought ordered the driver to take them to nearest rent a car place . They need to arrive incognito; he has a plan of how they are going to go about it .

Ronald plan works, they made it in the haven of their respective rooms .

After changing to a simple dress not look too conspicuous, they head out to do the shopping spree .

" Wow! I feel like I'm in the movie Pretty Woman . The scene when Edward took Vivian shopping after being mistreated by the sales ladies . One exception is me 'Kit de Luca' is also getting pampered . Hahaha! " Lea's almost in tears with happiness .

"Hahaha!" Ann started laughing as well, after thinking of what Lea said . She couldn't help herself from laughing at loud . Jeff who's acting like the Edward in the movie, look all confused . [He never saw that movie]

All shopping done, they bought anything to everything they like without hesitation . Not when money bag [Jeff] is with them . Even Ronald was able to get some gifts that he plans on giving to Lea's parents when they visit on Thanksgiving day .

Ann and Lea went to the spa to get pampered while Jeff and Ronald checked on the situation within the Hotel .

" Ann, can you pinch me? Hard ok!" Lea was asking seriously . "I still can't believe that the man you married accidentally four years ago will fall for you? What type of love potion did you give him? I need some . hehe!" Lea was extending her hand toward Ann .

"You're losing it, girl, I think you have been without a man for too long . Come to think of it, what do you think of Ronald?" Looks at Lea blushing, Ann already knows the answer .

" I have an Idea, why don't you call hubby, tell him that you will meet him by the bar later and go from there to the show . I want to re-enact the scene when Vivian shows up so beautiful, and Edward couldn't take his eyes off her . What do you think? come-on just for fun ok!" Lea is urging her friend to play out her fantasy .

Ann: " Hmmm?"

"Come on girlfriend, just this one ok! work with me here!" Lea keeps on begging like a little child wanting some ice cream .

" What do I get if I go along with you?" Ann's now teasing Lea .

"What would you get? You will get Heaven and Earth, a Ying and Yang and the whole world beneath you . " Lea said confidently .

" Well, you made it sounds enticing . Ok! I will do it, what do we need to do?" Ann excitedly agreed .

" Leave it to me your Highness, tonight you will become Vivian who made Edward hopelessly in love with her . " Lea makes the arrangement .

Ann texted Jeff instead of calling him . [ Honey! I have a surprise for you tonight, instead of going together from our room, I will meet you at the Hotel bar and will go from there ok! Oh, by the way, make sure you wear a tuxedo!]

Jeff: ' . . . ?'