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Chapter 98

Mrs . Kuan was unable to utter a word, the overwhelming feeling surging through her vain . Only words that came out of her mouth was; "Thank you Lord for giving me this miracle . "

"Mom! is sweet of you to thank the good Lord for this miracle, but the person you need to give thanks is this man" Pushing Jeff forward to be introduced to the Kuan's .

" How do you do? The name is Jeff Go CEO of Mega International Group .

Mr . Kuan: " Whoa!" Mouth wide opened . Big shot!"

" Of course, don't forget my Princess Ann overhear! She behind this handsome man . " Lea happily informed her family .

" Lastly, we have to thank this man right here!" Grabs Ronald by the elbow and ushered him to be introduced as well .

Ronald was so nervous that his hand was shaking while greeting Mr . Kuan . " How do you do Sir? H-Happy Thanksgiving!" Immediately step back right after .

" Come in! Come in! What are you all standing there for, come and sit down . " Mr . Kuan is patting the sofa motioning for them to sit down .

Jeff and Ronald complied and sat down . While Mrs . Kuan told Ann and Lea to follow her to the kitchen . " You two! Spill the beans! Who are those guys? Which one is yours?" Pointing at Lea then Ann . "Spit it out!"

Ann went behind Mother Kuan, back hug her and nuzzle her head . " Aunty, your blood pressure! Don't get agitated alright! If you must know; Jeff is the one belonging to me . Ronald is his assistant, that why he's with us!" Winking at Lea who's face is turning red by the minute .

"You're telling me the truth right? That . . . 'Ronald ' is his assistant, and nothing more?" Mrs . Kuan is still suspicious of the two in front of her .

"Yes! Aunty, you know I never lie to you, ever!" Ann playfully told Mrs . Kuan .

" Mom, rest assure his not my boyfriend . 'Yet!"Lea, went to hug both of them and started happily laughing .

" Alright! Get your man and his assistant to settle in . Grab your apron and start helping me both of you . Look at the time; there's so much to do with so little time before everyone shows up and we are still not ready . " Mrs . Kuan rushed them out of the kitchen and went back preparing the Turkey .


In the living room, Mr . Kuan is dead set to interrogate the two who are sitting so stiff like a marble statue . Jeff with his cold, aloof persona, and Ronald with his rigid posture .

"Tell me again; your name is Jeff?"{pointing at Ronald} and your name is Ronald?" Pointing at Jeff . The two started smiling a little while correcting Mr . Kuan with his mistake . Both handed their Business card in order not to confuse Mr . Kuan any longer .

Mr . Kuan was reading the Business card with a creased on his eyebrow when the door opened, and two very masculine handsome looking men came in . " Happy Thanksgiving! The duo greeted them . Who do we have here? Looking at Jeff and Ronald with inquisitive looking eyes .

"This is your sister's friend from Asia; they were kind enough to fly them here to celebrate with us . " Mr . Kuan told his sons .

"This two are my twin sons Lucas and Logan, older brother of the girls" Mr . Kuan introduced them to each other .

All four guys seem to be seizing one another when Lea and Ann arrived .

When Logan and Lucas saw the two girls, they run straight and picked them up the same time and twirled them around a couple of time .

" Hahaha! It's great; we were afraid that you would not be joining us this time . You're here . Hahaha!" Logan was happily embracing Ann .

Jeff was eating vinegar watching the scene unfolded in front of him . He doesn't know how to react in front of the others without making it visible .

" Logan why don't you bring out some beer, it's almost football time . " Mr . Kuan made himself comfortable and turned on the television .

" You watch football, don't you? I know your a CEO and all, but I'm sure you know what football is right?" Mr . Kuan asked Jeff curiously .

Jeff nods continued looking for Ann who went to the kitchen with Logan . ' What is she doing now? Don't tell me she will help cook? That she even know how to cook?" He got up, excuse himself and went to look for his wife .

Ronald, on the other hand, is feeling much comfortable now than when they had arrived . " Sir! If you don't mind me asking . Between Bears and Lions, which one is your team?" Trying to make small talk .

"Well! I bet on Lions, Cowboys, and lastly the Falcons . I all my pick win . It will be a big payday for me . Hahaha!" Mr . Kuan replied honestly .

Lucas came in with four bottles of beer on his hand . Handing one to Ronald and his Father . He realized that the stiff looking Jeff is not there and started looking for him .

Lucas found Jeff standing by the kitchen watching the ladies making preparation and cooking . He tapped Jeff's shoulder . " What you doing man! The kitchen is the ladies sanctuary, you should never invade it, or you will die for sure . "

Jeff: ' . . . ?"

"Hahaha!" Lucas laughs at Jeff's facial reaction . " Is this the first time you ever seen this? Women in the kitchen cooking?" Lucas jokingly asked Jeff .

The truth of the matter is, since birth, Jeff had never experienced this gathering nor seeing any of his family member in the kitchen cooking . ' Yes! It's my first time If you must know . I grew up with a platinum spoon since young . This is a new experience for me . ' He thought to himself without replying to Lucas .

Jeff is having mixed emotion as he watched his wife busying herself in the kitchen . The scene is so beautiful in his eyes . 'He wanted this kind of scene every year; they must come here for every Holiday Season . '