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Chapter 99

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Finally, everything ready, the table was set . Turkey in the middle of the table, cooked to perfection . Spiral Ham glazed with honey, mashed potato and gravy, some butter rolls and not but the least . Pecan pie, Apple pie and fruit salad for dessert . Mrs . Kuan is looking at the perfect table setting with tears of joy .

" All right! Everyone, ready or not come and eat!" Lea was screaming on the top of her lung .

The father and sons duo quickly got up and went to their respective places in the table . Jef and Ronald kind of lost where to seat, they stand and waited .

" Honey, come to sit next to me here . " Ann motioned to Jeff who's feeling awkward .

"You! too, come and sit here . " Lea is motioning to Ronald to sit next to her .

Lucas: 'Hmm!'

Lucas: 'Hmm!'

Mr . and Mrs . Kuan: ' . . . ???; Giving Lea a warning look .

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Jeff and Ann: ' . . . ' Only cared about themselves .

"Wait! If everyone doesn't mind, make I record this? " Ronald asked 'He needs to make a recording to show his Dad and to teach the Old man what family should be . '

" Go ahead! Do what you must, but have a seat so we can start eating . Where starving . " Logan and Lucas said in unison .

Ronald got the queue and put his cellphone at the side recording the whole event .

"Who would do the honor?" Mr . Kuan asked around

"I'll do it . " Ann volunteered

"All right! let bow our heads and thank the Lord for this bounty that we're about to receive . " Mrs . Kuan ordered everyone .

Jeff and Ronald follow along with the flow . It's a new experience for them, to be in this kind of environment . They are taking in every bit of the happiness they are feeling at that moment .

Ann gave all her attention to her husband, filled his plate with everything . "You should try this! This Turkey leg is my favorite part, but I will give it to you . " Sweetly smiled to her husband looking stunned and lost for words .

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Jeff was engrossed in looking at his wife being attentive to his needs thinking; 'He never wanted it to end . He wanted this to last forever . And he will make sure that it lasts forever . '

"Honey! Earth to my hubby!" Ann nudges Jeff who's in dreamland .

When everyone heard it, they all chuckle over the scene between the CEO and his beloved wife .


After dinner, the guys went back to the living room to continue watching the Football games . Jeff and Ronald just followed like a puppy .

The three ladies cleaned up after . Once they finished, they joined the men in the living room for more festivities .

"Guy's this is too boring! How about we go to the strip and walk around . I need to get rid of all these carbs I just consumed . " Lea announced to everyone

Everyone looked at each other and decided to agree with Lea's suggestion .

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" Good! I want to go the Casino and bet anyhow . And I know your Mother is itching to play the slot machine . Let's go!" Mr . Kuan told everyone .

Ann looked at her husband reaction first before getting up and whispering to his ears; " Don't worry sweetheart, there's this saying . When in Rome, do what Roman's does . and What happen in Vegas, stays in Vegas . " Kissed him lightly then coax him to get up .

Jeff only cares is his wife's happiness . What she says goes nothing else matter .

"Let's go my puppy! Let me show you the rope . Now you will have on hand experience what resident of Las Vegas do on time like this . " Lea teased Ronald who's been recording everything that's happening .

Ronald called a Limousine to pick them up instead of driving to the strip . The Kuan's are stunned when a "Hummer" type of limousine arrived . Jeff just smiled without saying a word nor acting arrogant .

The limousine drops them off at Mega International Hotel and Casino . They were once again stunned when they embarked from the limo and entered the Hotel . Every employee they came across greeted Jeff with respect .

Jeff whispered something to Ronald who then left in a hurry .

" Is he a High Roller?" Lucas asked Lea

" No! I think he owns this Casino the way the employees greeting him . " Logan intervene .

Ann and Lea just smiled at each other and continued strolling, following Jeff who's walking like a God with all his disciples following him .

The Kuan's treated like a Royalty, Ronald came back with racks of chips handed it to the twin brothers along with Mr . and Mrs . Kuan . Then urged them to play table games .

They don't want to accept at first, but Ann, Jeff, Ronald and Lea urged them . In the end, they happily agreed and went on their way leaving the four to themselves .

The four decided to chill and went to the bar where an Asian Band is playing . The night went by fast, Ann and Jeff said their goodnight to Lea and Rolan . Went up to their room to start making little Ann and little Jeff .


Time to say goodbye to the Kuan's . Ronald finally gave his parting gifts . He got Mrs . Kuan an Electric Mahjong Table . He got the twin and Mr . Kuan a Season tickets to their favorite Football team . Ann, Jeff, and Lea all gave them an envelope full of cash . They waited until they were in the car and ready to go before they hand it over . Afraid they will not accept it if they know .

They said their goodbyes and left, boarded Mega International Group private Jet and flew back to Asia .

" Sweetheart! when we have kid's can we bring them there for every Holiday?" Jeff asked Ann .

Ann smiled to Jeff, looked him straight in his eyes before saying; " Whatever my husband wants is what I will do! If you don't mind spending your Holidays with the Kuan's, so be it . " Ann snuggles to Jeff, still a long flight back to Asia .