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Published at 8th of February 2016 07:38:18 PM

Chapter 1

While I have been walking since early morning, it was still possible to arrive even if the sun was already high .

(Still, this is an amazing place…)

Vast and Extensive grounds with spectacular fountains at front, decorated gardens in vibrant colors, but the most shocking was the large and magnificent castle that can overwhelm you just by looking at it .

(…Does a king live here?)

It was hard to imagine that this was an academy where adventurers are trained . I imagined the school to be more simpler and cheap .

(Rather than a place where adventurers are taught, this seems to be a home to some aristocratic family . )

When I think about it, it seems quite ironic .
<TLN: Because adventurers always seem quite poor, so he finds it ironic that they are being taught in a castle . >

「You there! What do you think you’re doing?!」

I heard a really nervous voice from behind . A woman came out of the forest–with black hair,a sharp ear(elf) and blue eyes–glaring at me .

「Is it a student here? Judging from the appearance…an adventurer? But he is too young, and also his equipment . Isn’t he too lightly dressed to be an adventurer? If he is a thief or a pervert, then I have to subdue him… . . ?」

The eyes of the Hitomi-like woman seemingly appraised me, looking at me from top to bottom then bottom to top .
<TLN: Not sure about that “Hitomi”, she just appeared in the translation but she seems to be a Japanese Gravure Idol>

(Such a serious fellow… . . )

My first impression of the elf in front of me . She seems honest and way serious . From the nature of her voice, she seems to be a nervous but a straight-laced person .

Striking black hair arranged beautifully in her shoulders, her bangs were cut completely straight without deviation and doesn’t get in her eyes .

Her oval-like glasses and almond eyes seems to bring out her honest and serious atmosphere .

Her clothes were tied firmly by red ribbon without a a feeling of sloppiness . Her clothes were clean without a speck of dirt . Her red ribbon accentuating her white outfit, though that ribbon seems a little bit painful being tied firmly like that .

The bottom… . Though I feel the skirt feels too short, this makes it easier to move in .

「Wha,What are you looking at, you pervert!」

(Oops… . )

I seemed to have stared at her unintentionally .

「This is bad . This is bad… Ah, I am very unfamiliar with this city . Because you were too beautiful, I stared at you unconsciously . Just in case, my name is Mars Ruina, I will be here as a student from now on,yoroshiku onegaishimasu! 」
<TLN: In case you don’t know, which i doubt it, “yoroshiku onegaishimasu” is like saying “Best Regards” in English when you’re meeting for the first time . >

After I said a light introduction, I reached out my hand . But instaed of grasping my hand, she stared at me with suspicious eyes .

「You? A new student? That’s strange . I have not heard anything about a new student . 」
「Strange? What’s strange?」
「Well, I have not heard anyth――」

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The moment the girl was about to say something,


A voice inviting me from the gate . That strong, determined voice seems familiar .

「It’s me, Laina . You came, as promised . 」

I knew that familiar red-haired woman standing in front of “Royal Academy of Jupiter” . So, her being a teacher here was not a lie after all… . If it was, I would be treated as a pervert by the woman in front of me .

I wryly smiled in my heart . With a GOGOGO–, the gate was now seriously opened .
<TLN: GOGOGO is the sound the gate made as it opened . ゴゴゴ>

「I was waiting for you . Follow me, I’ll introduce you to the dean . 」
「Oh . (yes)」

As I started following her, the black-haired woman called out to her,

「Instructor! Is it true that this man here is a new student?!」

The woman said with an unpleasant look on her face . Her face was telling me that she was very unhappy . I wonder if entering the school will cause problems for me .

「Yeah, was there something wrong?」
「… . No, I’m sorry for my impoliteness . 」

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With Laina’s words, the woman reluctantly backed down .

「If there isn’t any problems, please excuse us . 」

I started walking beside Laina again . I felt eyes filled with hostility looking at me from behind while I was walking .

「Did I do something to offend her?」

「No, you did not . However, you can’t understand . 」


「Someone like you entering in the middle of the term is unusual . 」
「Is there any problems with that?」

This much hostility won’t happen for a reason of this level . Well, whether she believes Laina’s explanation depends on her .

「If this was just a normal academy, this wouldn’t be unusual, but this is an academy for teaching adventurers . 」

「I know that . But, even so, why does she regard me with such hostility?」

「Normally, there is a severe entrance test to be able to enter the Academy . You will not only be tested by General Knowledge but also battle knowledge and actual technique . The students who can enter here are only the students who took the examination and passed admirably . There is a very rare case of being exempted from the exam and they are normally recommended by the school . And an admission isn’t permitted other than being recommended by this academy . In other words, a student can only be exempted if he/she shows remarkable performance . Naturally, this student is exempted from the harsh examination test, as well as the students who obtains an instructor’s recommendation . By the way, the tuition is completely free, as well . 」

「In other words, the students who are recommended here and entered the school, are the elites?」

「Such a thing is true . This a academy is not just an adventurer school but a ‘rat race’ as well . A major guild or a national intelligence awaits an excellent student, but a desolate future awaits the underachievers . So, in the eyes of the students who passed the general examination, the ones who entered through an instructors recommendation is a target of hate as well a envy and jealousy . Do you understand?」

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I see . I nodded . I can also understand why the girl looked at me with such hostility .

「One way or another, you who entered the school at such time will attract attention . You may be a bit reluctant but if you become a target of envy, you have to do something about it yourself . We, the instructors, can’t interfere with the affairs of our students that much . 」

I think including the use of force in this school affects the results of the students here .

「I’m not hoping for it, but if it gets troublesome, there won’t be much problem if I resort to force, right?」
「Oh, but please control yourself . To the degree that no one dies, okay?」

Said Laina while winking . Well, this instructor does appeal to the use of force on settling problems within students . This Adventurer Academy seems to be more interesting than I thought .

Moreover, there were many students here that was the same age as me . Because of the fact that I did not receive general education or attended the school, I was quite excited .

「Then, this castle really is the Academy… . 」

Laina and I are walking through the school grounds, while the castle-like school was in front of my eyes .

「Isn’t there a much more appropriate building other than this? Other academies are quite small compared to here . 」

I entered and advanced straight into the academy, and climbed the stairs . The second floor, the third floor, the fourth floor and the fifth floor—-

Heck, how many rooms does this academy have…… . ?

Laina explained the facilities on each floor to answer my question .
She explained that there was a classroom for each grade, a facility for experiments, battle practice and magic as well as a faculty room for the instructors .

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