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Published at 16th of April 2016 11:50:09 AM

Chapter 10

The Dormitory of the Jupiter Institute ⑥ – Lania and Elisha

* Mar’s POV *

“Mars, wake up . ”


Opening my eyes, I see an unfamiliar ceiling . A slightly strong wooden color . .

The position of the ceiling is so close, that if I stand up just like that, my head feels as if it will knock into it .

“Are you awake?”

I can hear a voice from the bottom .

Poking my face out from the bed, I see the already prepared appearance of Elisha .

“Morning, Elisha”

“Yeah, morning . I am going for my meal, what will Mars do?”

It seems like the first bell has already range .

If Elisha wasn’t here, I was about to skip my breakfast .

“I will be going as well, so please wait for a bit . ”

I immediately raised my body .

Though I wouldn’t say I woke up well, my brain is rather refreshed .

Having good quality sleep seems to be have removed the fatigue from my body .

I came down from the bed .

“So, shall we go?”

I feel bad making Elisha wait .

Wearing my pajamas, I made my way to the canteen .

Students were beginning to gather in the canteen now and then . Though there were some people who also wore their pajamas like me, most of them were already wearing their uniform .

“Good morning! Mars-san! Elisha-san!”

In a lucid and loud voice, our names were called .

“Good morning, Nirfa . Thank you for the hard work today as well . ”

“Nope, it’s a natural thing for a maid to devote oneself to one’s master . And also, this is something that I like to do after all . ”

Nirfa who floated an angelic smile, is certainly Miss Perfect .

“What would you like for breakfast?”
Morning’s Menu

Cheese Ham Egg Tomato Omelette Baked Potato

“Other than that, there are rice and bread that comes with egg soup . ”


I chose ‘Cheese Ham Egg’ and bread .

Elisha chose ‘Tomato Omelette’ and bread .

Comparing with dinner, the breakfast was a lot more simple but, it’s still delicious .

If you are asking how delicious it was, I believe saying that its deliciousness is to the point that you want to become Nirfa’s lifelong partner should be able to convey how supreme the taste was .

When returning to the room after that blessed time ended, Elisha held his pelt bag that has lost some colors in his hand .

“I am planning to go to the school immediately but what is Mars going to do?”

“Please go ahead . Since it’s the first day, Lania said that she will pick me up . ”

“Lania…as in Instructor Lania?”

“Ah, that’s right . . ”

“tte, Crap… . ”

I forgot that I was told to call her Instructor here .

It’s still fine when still in the dormitory, but if I said it in the institute, Lania is going to get noisy .

“It… It’s fine if it’s in front of me, but as expected, it’s best not to call her without ‘Instructor’ in the institute itself . ”

Elisha gave a wry smile perplexedly .

“Lania told me to be careful, so I will try refrain from a slip of tongue . ”

“You are still saying it . ”

“…I will be careful . ”

She seems like she will use force if you take a attitude that makes light of her .

“But… I see . The instructor you said you were acquainted with was Lania, right?”

“Yep . Though, it hasn’t been a month since I got to know her . ”

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Though I say that, unlike the institute, there are no bells that allows the recognition of time at where I stayed previously, so it’s just judging from the number of sunsets .

“Eh…? You just got to know each other? I was certain that you were acquainted long ago and was recommended, or so I though . ”

“Na… I was invited at that time I helped her when she was attacked by monster . That’s why it’s really by chance that I came here . ”

Now that I think of it, if it’s Lania, she should be able to deal with that monster but, at that time, I mistook that it was a village girl from somewhere that was attacked so I helped on reflex .

If you think about it, it’s not possible for a village girl to come deep into the forests .

Which reminds me, that monster wasn’t a type that I have seen before .

I wasn’t really bothered about it since it wasn’t that strong, but what kind of monster was that, I wonder?

To me who was reminiscing what happened that time,

“I see… that’s what happen…”

“Is it weird?”

“It’s not weird but, just that, I believe the fact that a instructor who you just met recommended you, shows your definite capability . ”

As if appraising me, Elisha’s sight was going up, then down, moving down, then up again, before finally staring at my eyes, ‘jiiii’…

“Don’t tell me, you fell for me?”

“Id . . Idiot! There’s no way I would fell for you, right!? I am a guy! I . . I will be going, okay? Before the instructor arrives, you better finish preparing yourself, got it?”

Though it was just a joke, Elisha’s face was colored red, seemingly disturbed, and as if running away, he went out of the room .

However, the words left behind that was supposedly a sharp parting remark, seems to surmise Elisha’s helpfulness .

* Lania’s POV *

I was climbing the stairs of the boy’s dormitory .

In the leather bag on my hands is Mar’s uniform .

(… . I wonder if he’s already awake?)

The destination is Mars’s room .

Since his roommate is Elisha Haynest, I don’t think Mars is still asleep .

But, since I am still worried, I went to pick him up earlier than planned .

As I go towards the Mars’s room after reaching the third floor,

(Oh… . )

I met with Elisha’s eyes who happened to be exiting the room .

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“Instructor, Good Morning”

“Morning . Is Mars already awake?”

“Yes . Awake and waiting for Instructor . ”

“I see, thanks . Since you are his roommate, I thought you would help him . ”

“Well . Uhm… Instructor, umm…”

Seemingly trying to say something from opening his mouth, Elisha immediately closed it .

Seriously… . if you are going to that, aren’t I going to be bothered by it .

“If you have a question, then do say it . I will answer to what I can answer . ”

While displaying hesitation, Elisha resolved himself and began talking .

“… . Is Mars my replacement?”

I immediately understood the meaning of those words .

Most likely, he meant the selection members candidates of the next 『Institution Battle Competition』 .

“If it continues like this, the results would turn out like that, i think . ”

I believe the current evaluation of all instructors including the principal doesn’t have Elisha’s name as a candidate .

I replied disinterestedly in regards to it .

“… . . I understand . Excuse me . ”

Though having a complicated expression, Elisha gave a simple greetings, and went past my side .

“… . if you don’t want that, then regain your ability and show it to us . ”

I said it .

If it’s vexing, then do something about your ability .

I said it, harbouring that meaning in it .

Then, at that instant, Elisha stopped his legs .

At least that’s what I thought but, I can hear the sound of him going down the stairs immediately .

As someone who knows Elisha’s reason of entry to the institute, it’s almost like sending ale, even if it appear like this .

As for Elisha, he doesn’t know the reason why I am working in this institute as an instructor .

That’s why this could be just me being meddlesome .

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But I would like Elisha to achieve what he wants, ――one’s own future .

Even if it’s a hopeless situation right now .

(… . . Whether you achieve your future is dependent on you . Elisha )

Murmuring for the last time, Lania changed her thoughts, and knocked on the door where Mars is waiting .

* Mars’s POV *

――Kon Kon .

Just when I thought I heard a light knock on the door, the door opened without waiting for a reply .

“I brought your uniform . ”

Though the bell for the end of breakfast have not ring yet, and I was thinking it will be slightly later before she come, Lania came earlier than expected .

“You are early . ”

“Thinking that you might be still asleep, I came earlier . ”

“Actually, I wanted to see your face even a second earlier so I got up earlier . ”

“That loose-lip, if you say that during lessons, I will burn you to death, you got it . ”

(Saying scary stuff with that smile . . )

Having crimson hair, she seems to be dyed in red even more .

“Well, that’s enough . I will be waiting outside, so hurry up and prepare yourself . ”

The uniform was handed over . A smooth sensation .

A seamless beautiful material .

I put on the seemingly new clothing .

Yosh, with this, preparations is completed .

(From today onwards, it’s the beginning of my school life!)

Holding to the leather bag with lesson tools, I got out of my room .

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