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Published at 16th of April 2016 11:50:09 AM

Chapter 14

First Day of Lessons ④ – Raphie’s Feelings


* Raphie’s POV *


(Fufufu~This is a chance!)

Right now, Raphie and Mars-san are walking towards the medical office together .

Though Raphie is intending to conduct herself calmly, her heart is actually throbbing fast, *wakuwaku*dokidoki* .

That’s because this is the very day that will become the commemoration day where Raphie meets her ideal male, the fortuitously meeting of her other half-to-be .

(Ah… To think such a strong person is admitted to his institute…)

Raphie is feeling a high excitement that she has never felt before in her entire life .

Even within the beastmen, the rabbit folk have the lowest combat capability, a weak race .

For that reason, to protect themselves, they have a trait to seek the strong as their other half .

In the first place, Raphie has also entered this institute for the sake of searching for her own ideal of a strong male as her other half .

However till now, there wasn’t a single person, including the instructors, that she thought of as her fateful one or an attractive male .

But that was all to meet Mars-san .

That’s right, that’s how Raphie strongly feels .

(Raphie will show that she will absolutely bind with Mars-san… . !)

Desiring to be noticed of her passionate feelings, Raphie gazed at Mars who was walking next to her .

But, Mars-san had totally no signs of noticing it .

It, It’s fine! The fight has just started after all!


* Mars’s POV *


“Excuse me”


As Raphie said that, we entered the medical office .

But, there was no one inside .


“Looks like Sister is still not here yet . For now, let’s lay Elisha on the bed . ”

“True . ”


I slowly lowered Elisha who was carried on my back, and laid him down on the bed as it is .


“What are you planning to do from now, Mars-san? There is still time before the next lesson, you know?”


Though Lanisa said “self-study”, I have nothing special to do .



“I will stay here till Elisha wakes up . ”

“… . . I see . ”


Raphie, who said that, seemed somewhat dissatisfied .


“Is something wrong?”

“N, No . . Nothing . Ahm, Is it okay if Raphie stay here as well?”

“Ah, I don’t mind though?”

“Thank you very much”


Raphie was now showing a full face smile that makes her previous dissatisfied expression a lie .

(Quite the richly expressive fellow… . )


“Then, Mars-san . When can I receive the reply of the confession? Even now, Raphie’s heart is going *dokidoki*, so I hope to be able to get a reply soon . ”

(… . I forgot about it)

Of course, I can’t say something like that

I was confessed upon by this girl .

Since a while ago, with no early notice, it was just abrupt . .


“Though I am not doubting you, you are serious, right?”

“Of course! If it’s possible, it’s to the extent of wishing to show the passionate feelings of Raphie’s heart to Mars-san . ”


It was an immediate reply .

With her serious eyes gazing at me, it feels more absurd to deny her feelings .

(She’s really serious…)

But as I just met her today, I am troubled to reply even if you tell me that you like me, because I have not been able to have a proper conversation with you .


“In the first place, why did you fall for me, Raphie?”

“That’s because I can sense that it’s fate! You were very cool in that battle just now . And, Mars-san was stronger and gallant than anyone in that area . That overwhelming strength that seems to captivate those looking, and the expression full of confidence that supports that strength, basically it was fantastic . ”


To be praised without holding back to that extent, even I am also getting embarrassed .

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But, the Raphie in question seems to be drunk in her adoration, floating a *fuwa~~* expression .


“… . I understand Raphie’s feelings . I frankly feel happy about your feelings . ”

“So, you will become Raphie’s other half?”

“Other half?”

“Yeah! In Human Language, it will be spouses . ”

“Sp, Spouses… . ?”


Again, the conversation went in a direction that was not anticipated .

Raphia’s eyes was shining *KiraKira* .

Seems like she is anticipating my answer though .


“… that’s impossible”

“Eh!? Why is that!?”


As if not considering to be rejected, Raphie was shocked .

But, think about it .

“We haven’t even been lovers yet?”

“Is there any problems with that?”

“If both parties truly love each other, I believe time and race are of no connections . But, though I feel sorry for Raphie, I do not have as much good relations with Raphie as the desire to become lovers . ”

“…… . ”


Raphie didn’t say a thing, just gazing my eyes with a serious expression .

Those red eyes that seems to be as deep as the abyss gives me a feeling as if it’s peeking into the depths of my heart .

But, a while later, Raphie’s expression came loose and break into a broad smile *nikko* .


“I got it . But, I will have Mars-san absolutely fall for me . At that time, please become my other half, okay!?”

“Ah . If I fall for Raphie from the bottom of my heart . ”


There’s no one who knew if that would happen or not .

Perhaps, I might really fall in love with Raphie, or might not .

But Raphie said in confidence,


“Mars-san’s feelings will absolutely turn towards Raphie after all!”


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Most likely there are no basis on that, i think .

However, since Raphie is indeed cute when she is smiling while saying that, I couldn’t totally deny that possibility .


“Well then, as a form of approach, I will strip for now!”


(I see, you will strip……huh?) (TL: …what?)

By the time I sense a doubt in that expression, Raphie had already unfasten the red ribbon tied on her head, and was removing her clothing .


“――hHey! Why are you stripping! Stop that! For now, stop stripping!”


Towards Raphie who has a small build but big breasts in comparison, I was slightly startled .


“Is it no good? I thought it was a chance to bewitch Mars-san though…”


*shobon*――To the Raphie who seem to show a dejected expression,


“If it were in the bed at night, I might have welcomed you, but this is the institute’s medical office, you know?”

“There are only Raphie and Mars-san right here . ”

“No, wait a minute, Elisha is here, you know!”

“It’s fine since he is asleep!”


This is not a remark you should say with a *nikoniko* refreshing smile,


“That’s not the problem! And besides, don’t easily expose your naked body . Your worth as a girl will decrease . ”

“If it’s Mars-san, it’s fine to be seen . ”

“If you are going to say only me, then don’t do that here . You don’t know when Elisha is going to wake up, right?”


Towards the persuading words that I somehow threw out,


“… . I see . Mars-san is desiring to monopolize Raphie’s body, right? If it’s that, then I understand . ”

“Yeah… . . ?”


Though Raphie seems to be misunderstanding something, for now, let’s just take that it’s fine that we got the situation under control .

After all, it’s not good that we are making a racket more than it is, with Elisha sleeping nearby .

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“If we continue to make a racket as it is, since we have no idea when Elisha-san may wake up, I will invite you to a place where we can be just for the two of us next time . By then, I will have you let me make my approach! Therefore Mars-san, I will return to class one step ahead . ”


After saying what she wanted, Raphie left like the storm .


“Fu… . ”


After being left alone, I leaked out a sigh, unconsciously .

(I feel somewhat tired… . )

I have never been striked with such honest feelings head-on before .

Seemingly because of that, tiredness suddenly surge forward .

But, It wasn’t a bad feeling mysteriously .

(When commuting to the institute, even such things can happen… . . )

As I have never spend time before with the same generation and in community life, it seems like there are multiple things to learn .

(This is really interesting…)

There are various things that cannot be experienced in a solitary lifestyle here .

I am looking forward more and more to the lifestyle here from now on .


* Raphie’s POV *


After leaving the medical office, I was moving towards the classroom .

But, there was one question Raphie is thinking about .

(Un… Though I have not noticed till now, that smell from Elisha-san…)

The rabbit folk have a better nose than other races, and is proficient at discerning through smell .

(Though he is without doubt a human, perhaps that person is… Nay, there is still possible that it might be a mistake however… . . )

Raphie is really troubled .

In that room, there are only both Mars-san and Elisha-san .

It’s not like Raphie herself didn’t notice that she is making unnecessary worries but…

(There is no loss to stay cautious . )

That is also just to be sure .

Raphie in love will not be negligent!

Stopping her steps towards the classroom, Raphie decided to make her way to the church .

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