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Published at 30th of April 2016 11:46:57 AM

Chapter 19

First Day of Lesson ⑨ Having Lunch with Raphie

“Mars-san, shall we have lunch together?”


After leaving the battle drill room and reaching the first floor, Raphie called out to me .


“Are? It’s already noon”

“Yeah . Though I actually wanted you to eat Raphie’s specially made bento, unfortunately I didn’t bring anything today… . that’s why, let’s go over to the canteen together!”

“So there’s also a canteen within the institute . Elisha, what are you planning to do?”

“… . ”


Though I called out to Elisha who were behind us, there was no reply, thinking that he might be thinking about something .


“Oi~, Elisha~”


As I stopped my feet and called out,

――Don .




Elisha went plunging into my chest .


“Are you alright? You were spacing out, what happened?”



Elisha frantically separated from me, but his face is painted red .


“Then, what is Elisha planning to do?”

“Planning to… . ?”

“We were talking about having a meal with Mars-san . ”

“Eh… Ah! It’s already lunch time… . ”


As Elisha behaved like he was thinking slightly,


“Sorry . I will have to decline it . ”


He rejected the invitation .


“Are you feeling bad?”

“Nope, it’s not that . There is something I want to think about . ”

(Something to think about… . . )


I was recalling the training some time ago .

Though Elisha said that he couldn’t use magic, Elisha made use of magic in the training just now .

Whatever he is thinking about is probably related around that point, I guess .


“Mars-san . Since Elisha is already saying that, let’s go with just 2 of us today . ”


Being in a good mood for some reason, Raphie came hugging my arm .


“I am really sorry, even though you invited me . As the canteen will become packed if you don’t go over quickly, please go ahead with the two of you today . See you . ”


Saying just that, Elisha faced his back to us .


“So, Mars-san . Let me guide you to the canteen . ”


Thought I am bothered about Elisha, perhaps I should not interpose unnecessarily right now .

When Elisha is thinking that the problem is something that he should solve with his own utmost ability .

I will only open my mouth when Elisha himself request for help .

(For now, I manage to create a trigger anyway… . )

I went towards the canteen while being dragged by Raphie .


* Elisha’s POV *


Just after parting with Mars and all, I went towards the Instructor office .


“Excuse me . ”


Entering the instructor office after knocking, the glance from multiple instructors came to me .

Even those, Lania’s appearance was there .

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“Is there something?”


Towards Instructor Lania who called out to me,


“During the period of the lunch break, may I use the battle drill room… . ?”

“Right now?”

“Yes . I have something I wish to try . ”


That nostalgic feeling of being able to use magic

I wish to practise it so I don’t forget about it .

Though Instructor Lania was hesitating slightly to my words,


“I got it . But, I will be accompanying you . ”

“I am sorry to disturb your break . I will be in your care . ”


Though I was a proposal with conditions, I agreed without hesitation .


* Mars’s POV *


Though I were going towards the canteen under the guidance of Raphie, it’s awfully full of people at this timing .

As there were students running, it feels somewhat restless and hurried .


“By the way, these are the 3rd year’s classrooms . ”


On the way, as we passed by, I was given such an explanation .


“After advancing past the 3rd year’s classrooms, the canteen will be there . ”


Turning right after exiting the classroom and ahead of that would be the 3rd year’s classrooms .


“So within the classrooms of the first floor, the nearest to the canteen would be 3rd year’s classrooms . ”

“Yep . The institute’s thinking of “those with power would acquire favourable treatment is obvious here . ”


As we chattered, we went straight past the 3rd year’s classroom .

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“This is the institute’s canteen!”


Immediately, the canteen is here .

Wondering if there are many entries and exits, the door is always being opened .

Though room is quite wide and the seat count is also high, it seems to have already been buried .


“U~n… It’s quite packed . ”


Raphie leaked discontented words

Students requesting for lunch are congested at the counter .


“Stew, with plenty of vegetablesー!”

“Hey, you stepped on my foot!”

“Wait a moment, I queued up first!”


It looks as if there might be an outbreak of student battle .

(This is worst than the dormitory’s canteen… . )

Though it’s for the whole institute’s use so perhaps it’s natural, you don’t have the luxury to eat your meal leisurely as expected .

(Well, I guess I should also take Raphie’s share here… . )

Thinking of that, I tried to step into the human swirl but,


“Mars-san, please leave it to Raphie . ”


Raphie declared to me as if getting fired up with grasping both hands with *Gu* .


“Leave it to you, what do you plan to do?”

“From today’s menu, I wonder what meal would you want to eat the most?”

“From today’s menu…?”


Being asked, I looked at the menu .

As it was the bottom, due to the human traffic, I can’t verify the menu .


“T,though I do not have specially anything that I hate to eat… . Is it fine? If it’s impossible, do you want me to get it?”

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“It’s fine . Mars-san just have to wait here and it will be fine . ”



Not long after trying to stop, Raphie went towards the chaotic counter triumphantly .

Is it really okay?

Other than just me who was concerned, there was one person, and then one more student and a few others that gave way to Raphie .

And then, before you know it, Raphie arrived at the forefront of the counter .

The people fighting for the queue are now silently queuing up .

(What’s going on… . ?)

Receiving the food, Raphie was returning to my side leisurely .

There are two sets of stew on the tray .


“Mars-san, sorry for the wait!”

“No, I didn’t wait at all . Or more like, I am surprised that it was unexpectedly fast . ”

“Fufu~ could it be that you have a better opinion of me? Did you fall for me again? Would you become my partner?”

“… . for now, let’s find some seats . ”

“Ah, that’s right . Before that, can you please wait for a moment?”


As she said that, Raphie faced her back to me .

From the uniform’s skirt, the feature of a rabbitfolk, the short tail, appeared . (TL: Mars-san no Ecchi… )


“――Unlock the Love Illness”


That’s what I heard .


“Now then, shall we go?”


Wait a second . And, I took the tray from Raphie, moved towards the empty seats .

Immediately after――


“Hey! I am the one who came here first!”

“Shut up! Those who are faster get it first!”

“Kyaa, hey, don’t push!”


The return of the noise could be heard from the back . (TL: She is also quite OP…)

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