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Published at 18th of June 2016 01:50:24 PM

Chapter 25

After School ② Elisha’s Determination


* Elisha’s POV *


After separating from Mars and group, I came to the front gate of the institute .

At the gate, there were more students gathered around than usual .

I wonder if someone is waiting for a person?

As I thought about it,


“You are Elisha of the 2nd year, right?”


I was called out by one of the person in the group .

He’s a male werewolf .

From what I can see, he doesn’t seem like a 2nd year student… .


“That’s right, but is something the matter?”

“… . That person called Mars Ruina, where is he?”

“What business do you have with Mars?”


Towards someone who don’t even say his reasons, I can’t tell him the location .

In the first place, it’s obviously that it’s not a pleasant business .


“You degenerate! You should answer what you have been asked!”


The werewolves started surrounding me .


“At the very least, he doesn’t seem to be here, right?”

“… . hey you――”



The werewolf’s fist came grazing my face .


“Do you know the current situation?”

“Situation? Am I going to start dancing waltz with every single person here?”


That’s impossible .

I do know that much .

But, I figured out the reason where they are waiting in a group for Mars .

Surely if it’s Mars, even if I don’t do anything, he should be able to resolve this anyway .

But, I can’t just honestly replied Mars’s location even if that’s the case .

That’s an action of selling out a friend .

Mars is my friend .

The number of the enemies are high .

I still can’t use Attack-type magic .

There is no guarantee I can win from fighting .

But, I will show that I can do something about these people somehow .

Even if it’s a little――I want to be able to confidently say that I am Mars’s friend .


“Ha――You have some guts!”


And thus――Elisha’s fight began . (TL: On the next episode of Jobless…… . . )


* Mars’s POV *


It was at the time when I was about to enter the instructor office .


“Excuse me . ”

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As I thought of hearing an overly serious tone from the inside, the door opened,




The female elf that came out from behind the door bumped into me .


“Oh… . you alright?”


I embraced the female’s body, after pulling her hand when she was about to fall from the collision . (TL: Wow, he is something… . )

The hugged female lifted her face .

Our eyes met .

(Are? Spectacles… . ?)

It was a familiar appearance, when I looked at it again .

As it seems to be the same for the female as well,


“――Yo, you are… . . !”

“……Ah, the elf yesterday” (TL: What’s this tingling feeling I am getting?)


Yep .

She is the female elf I met when I first came here .


“H,how long do you plan to stay like this? Release me!”


As if jumping around, she hastily distanced herself from me .


“It’s been since yesterday, i guess . ”


Though I thought we will meet again somewhere, it was quite a quick reunion .

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“… . . it seems you are really a transfer student”

“Didn’t I said that?”


So you were still suspecting it?


“… . I apologize for treating you as a suspicious person without verifying that time . But, as you are also in the wrong for loitering around in that appearance, please do make sure you wear your uniform in the institute from now on . ”


A commanding tone .

Even though she is supposed to be a student like me, she has a more severe attitude than the instructors .

In the first place, though I didn’t have uniform that time, there is no point in saying this now .


“… . Ah, I will be careful, okay?”


I decided to apologize obediently .



“I will be careful . Okay?”


She included instructions for speech .


“I will be careful . ”

“Very well . ”


After I immediately correct myself, the female elf nodded satisfied .

But, seeming like she haven’t finished herself, she fixed her eyes, where the insides possessed the beauty of emerald, on me .

Now that I think of, I heard that the green eyes of elf are the symbol of High Elf, but is that true?

As I was thinking about that,

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“It seems like there is no problems with the way you wear the uniform . Just that, I guess it would be better if you would buttoned up your shirt a bit more . ”


Seems like she was doing a clothing check .


“Oh――Excuse me . I have not introduce myself . Alicia Restent of the 3rd year . ”

“I am the transfer student of the 2nd year, Mars Ruina”

“Mars-kun, you say . I shall remember that . Now then, as I have errands to do for my community, I shall excuse ――”


At that time――




A male student came rushing over to Alicia hastily .


“What happened?”

“Ahead of after exiting the front gate, there is a brawl uproar――”

“Brawl… . ? I understand . I shall go immediately . ”


Receiving the report from the male student, Alisa went to the location .

(Brawl uproar you say… . . )

He did say it was the front gate, right?


“Raphie, let’s go as well . ”

“Eh… . ? M, Mars-san, how about the magic stone?”

“It’s fine after that, right?”


Towards me who was chasing after Alicia, Raphie followed me in a fluster .

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