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Published at 2nd of July 2016 02:12:27 PM

Chapter 28

Jobless – Chapter 28

Translator: Yoshiro

Editor: Rumanshi

After School ⑤ The Student Council President

* Raphie’s POV *


Until the battle is over, Raphie’s eyes were nailed onto Mars-san .

Mars-san was dodging the attacks from the werewolves splendidly .

It was an expression, flooded with somewhat a composed and enjoyment .

Eyes filled with confidence .

Mars-san is definitely believing in his victory .

But, that’s natural .

There is an obvious difference in ability between Mars-san and the werewolves .

A overwhelming difference that you can’t filled up even if you try .

Limits that can’t be visualized .

Mars-san is way too strong .

(Ah… . )

I ended up writhing .

For having the luck to meet such a male by chance, it was enough to make Raphie wants to thank the Almighty God Jupiter .

There is no other chance to meet such a male .

That’s why I have to capture Mars-san’s heart no matter what .

But, rather than that, should I just make an established fact from the start?

Creeping into the dormitory today, and share the night with Mars-san .

Raphie thought of such a lewd plan,

However, there is a problem .

(Elisha-san is his roommate, right… . )

It was the time when I thought of what to do .

The battle had ended .

Of course, Mars-san and Elisha-san won .

The fact that Raphie’s to-be partner overwhelms other males is something to be happy about .

Though that itself is something to be happy about, what happen immediately after that was a problem to Raphie .

In front of Raphie, Mars-san and Elisha-san started flirting with each other .


* Mars POV *


As the battle concludes, the crowd is dispersing .


“Never did I thought the degenerate would win… . . ”

“Ah, it was unexpected . ”

“Or more like, isn’t Rusty too deplorable?”


The people who dispersed were making such conversations .


“Good grief, It’s a heavy loss today . ”

“A small amount of potion was…”


Hey, wait a second .

Did you use it for gambling?

Who is the boss?

Just when I thought there was quite a number of spectators, it’s because of that, I think .

Immediately after I found out the truth,


“Both of you, your distance is too close!”


Between Elisha and I, Raphie wedged her body in, ~Gui~ .

Her expression was a thorny displeasured one .


“Ah… . ”

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As said by Raphie, Elisha backed out his body in a panic .

He also averted his eyes when he was at it .

Elisha’s face was still red .

No, it feels like it became even more red than just now .

Though it could just be me .


“Seriously . I can’t even let my guard down . ”


A pouting Raphie .

I wonder what she is angry about?


“… . both of you, were you injured?”


But, it seems like she was worried .


“Ah . I am fine . ”

“Me too . There was some level of damage after all . ”


As he received attacks of that extent, Elisha’s body was marked by bruises, but Healing magic should instantly recover injuries of this level .

Wonder if Raphie was relieved .

As if feeling relieved, she breathed out .


“But… . what should we do with this guy?”


This guy refers to the fallen werewolves on the ground .

As expected, I don’t think we can just leave them just like this?


“… . what, what should we do?”

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Elisha who gave a wry smile .

But, it seems that Elisha also think that it’s not good to leave it just as it is .


“Should we move all of them over to the medical office?”


As I asked,


“――you all can just return to the dormitory . ”


The answer came from unexpected place .

The one who answered was the black-hair spectacled Elf, Alicia .


“We will take care of the rest from here . ”

“Is that okay?”

“Yep . Rusty had brought trouble to you people . I would like to apologize as a fellow 3rd year student . ”


Alicia lowered her head .

As I thought, she is a really serious person .

Even though it’s not her fault, she lowered her head for someone else .


“Pr, President, Please stop . We are fine after all . ”


Elisha in panic

Now I think about it, Alicia was also called President just now, right?

Is it some kind of nickname?


“Hey, why are you called ‘President’”

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“… . . ”

“… . . ”

“… . . ”


In this place, other than me, ――Elisha, Raphie, Alicia, the sights of the 3 person turned towards me all at once .


“… . Ma, Mars, could it be, you have no idea about President Alicia?”


Elisha curved his eyes .

Raphie was giving a wry smile .


“I know . A 3rd year with a name of Alicia Restent, right”


The introduction was made not long after all .


“Ah, no . . that’s not what I meant… . . ”


Then, what do you mean?

Elisha and Raphie was minding Alicia, ~Chira, Chira~

I looked at Alicia .

As I thought that our eyes met, Alicia opened her mouth .


“… there wasn’t enough consideration for the transfer student . Allow me to re-introduce myself . ”


Though I was looking straight at Alicia,


“Committee Community――I am the student council president . Alicia Restent . ”


In the re-introduction, the post of student council president was added .

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