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Published at 16th of July 2016 11:56:13 AM

Chapter 30

Elisha’s Secret ① – After Returning to the Room, There Was…


* Mars’s POV *


Soon after returning to the room, the chime for dinner rang .


“Elisha, shall we go for our meal earlier?”

“Ah . . sorry . I will do that later . ”

“Then, I will go for a bath first, so how about after I returned?”

“I got it . Then, I will prepare myself till then . ”


I went out of the room and make my way to the bath .

About to go down the stairs… .

(Ah . . crap…)

I forgot to bring my soap .

If I have already reached the bath, returning would be troublesome, but I have not went down the stairs .

I started turning back .

Returning to the front of the room, I opened the door . (TL: Finally that flag is here . . lol)


“… . . eh?”

“huh… . ?”


Elisha who was turning around .

Top-naked .

No, that’s fine .

There’s not really any problem .

What problem is there to take off your clothes in your own room .

There’s none .

There’s none normally .

There shouldn’t be any problem… . .


“… . . a… . . a… . ”


There were breasts… . (TL: Kita!!!! Kita kita kita!!!! TL: It’s here!! It’s here it’s here it’s here!!!)

If it’s a guy, it should have been a flat chest with nothing attached .

At that chest, there are two plump and soft-looking hills on it .

That’s obviously that .

The symbol of Motherhood .

That means Elisha is … . .


“Elisha, you are…”



A scream .

A high-pitched female scream .

Elisha’s scream .

Wait wait . Doesn’t this look like I did something bad?

… . no, did I do something?

…now, am I a pervert that peeped at a naked female?


“As expected, a pervert!?”


I pondered about the words Elisha told me yesterday in my head .

Then, I am really going to be accused with the infamy of a pervert .

Let’s calmly confirm the situation by asking Elisha .


“E . . Elisha… . ”

“Ge . . Get out!!!!!!!”

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… . . O…Owa!

A magic gem was thrown at me .

I ended up dodging it by reflex .

And then, things came flying one after the other .

Whatever that were at that area were thrown over .

There doesn’t seem to be any room for a conversation right now .

After judging that, I rushed out of the room .

Immediately closing the door, I confirmed my surroundings .

No one at all .

Looks like there wasn’t anyone that heard the uproar and came over .

(I am saved… . )

I felt like I just have a narrow escape from death .

Most likely everyone was going to the canteen .

If Elisha’s scream was heard, who knows what would have happened by this time?


“Ha… . ”


But, I still can’t be relieved just yet .

The me right now have lost my destination after all .

(What should I do from now on… . . )

At the second day of entry to the dormitory, I have lost my place of residence .


* Elisha’s POV *


(I . . I have been seen…)

I was seen naked .

Mar’s eyes was staring at m . . my breasts .

What should I do?

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I was careless .

To confirm the injury inflicted by the werewolves, it was a bad choice to take off my clothes .

I was about to use recovery magic on the bruise on the abdomen .

At that time――the door opened .

As I turned around, Mars was there .

I never thought that Mars would return .

It felt as if the time has stopped .

Mars opened his eyes wide . (Since in English, we don’t say our eyes get rounded but wide, i guess)(ED: He just wanted to see better ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . )

At the end of his sight is obviously my . . my breasts .

Stared at it .

Fixedly at it .

I am exposed .

I was found out by Mars .

Absolutely, with no doubt, I was found out .

My secret――The fact that I am a girl was exposed .

What should I do?

What should I do?

What should I do from here on?

Try to deceive?

Even so, how?

What Mars saw was a hallucination!

Please believe me――As if that will work!

What the hell am I thinking?

If I can use illusion magic, then at least it’s still possible, but I can’t use something like that .

In the first place, until yesterday, I can’t use magic at all, can I?

So what should I do?

Will Mars speak of this to anyone?

If that’s the case, wouldn’t I have to leave the institute?

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(I can’t… . !)

I absolutely can’t let this happen

I have not become stronger .

I must become stronger .

For that reason, I enter the adventurer training institute .

Become Strong, Become strong enough to not be look down upon, to the point they are unable not to recognise me .

That’s why I can’t leave this place

Leaving this place .

That choice is an absolute no .

Then, what should I do?

Calm down .

Think calmly .

Right now, it’s only Mars who knows .

If it’s Mars, wouldn’t he keep silence about it?

If I explain my situation, wouldn’t he understand?

Though I chased him out unreasonably just now, that was because I was surprised and stunned .

I ended up throwing various things at Mars

Perhaps, Mars might be angry .

I have to apologize .

First, let’s meet up .

Apologize .

And explain my situation .

Let’s request to keep my circumstances a secret .

Now that I have decided, I have to meet up with Mars first .

Where is Mars right now, I wonder?

I wonder if he is still in the dormitory?

No, perhaps . ――

(He’s possibly already reporting to the institute… . !?)

Thinking of the bad possibilities, things were progressing in that direction .

I rushed out of the room in a haste .

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