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Published at 23rd of July 2016 03:37:16 PM

Chapter 31

Elisha’s Secret ② The time after opening…


* Mars POV *


It can’t be helped if I was confused in front of the room .

But for now, let’s wait until Elisha calms down .

I thought as such and went downstairs .

(Even so…)

Is what I saw just a short time ago a dream or an illusion?

That is, the chest, is something which only a woman has .

(…In other words, it’s that kind of thing?)

Though it will end up being me answering my own question, no matter how you think, there is only one answer .

Elisha’s gender…

(is a female, right… . )

Why is she pretending to be a man?

Is there some reason for it?

If there is no reason, she wouldn’t disguise as a guy right?

Then, what is that reason?

As I ponder,



“――you, where are you looking――”


When I was going down to the first floor, I ended up knocking onto someone .

When I confirm the other party,




He opened his eyes wide .

I wonder what happen?


“Oh, sorry――”


As I opened my mouth to apologise,


“I am really sorry for looking away . ”


His head was lowered with tremendous force,


“After this I’ll be extremely careful, so please forgive me . ”


No, it’s not necessary to lower your head so many times .


“…nah, it’s fine . Don’t fret about it, alright?”

“Are you forgiving me?”



Forgiving or not, I wasn’t planning to punish you or even was angry in the first place though


“Thank you so much! Thank you so much . ”


“Thank you for your tolerant heart .
It’s unforgivable I didn’t tell you the truth . I’ll leave so forgive me . ”


And after lowering his head a few times, that student hastily went up the stairs .


“… . ?”


That was quite the weird guy .

Or more like, isn’t he too faint-hearted?

Even though they are in this institute, I guess it doesn’t mean everyone is wild .

Though it’s fine that I went down to the first floor, what should I do from now on?

There wasn’t any plan .

The original plan was to enter the bath, have my meal and sleep .

But, with that incident… . .

If I let time pass, I should be able to talk to Elisha though…

For now, I should kill time by having my meal, i guess .

… . but, I also made a promise to eat with Elisha .

Perhaps, it’s possible that after Elisha’s mood change for the better, she could want to eat together .

(… . I guess I should wait until last moment before dinner ends . )

By then, Elisha might also come out from the room .

For the time being, I wonder where should I go to kill… . . un?

(What’s wrong…?)

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I noticed glances towards me .

It’s not just one or two .

All students of the first floor have their sights moved towards me .


“Hey, that person seems to be Mars-san . ”

“Ah, the one said to have put Sail-senpai in his place yesterday at the canteen . ”


It could hear such conversations from the whispering voices .


“Something about a welcome party event, he defeated Sail-senpai in one hit . ”

“One hit!? Against that Sail-senpai?”


I wonder if it’s the lower classmen .

It seems like there were talking about the incident that happen in today’s lesson .


“He seems to have picked a fight with Rusty-senpai, you know?”

“Ah . The werewolf students were said to have been the sacrifices . ”

“Really? Now that you mentioned it, senpais have not come to the canteen yet, right?”


Hey, wait a second .

Why is it like I was the one who pick a fight?

And plus, those werewolves were defeated by Elisha, not me .


“He is said to be also Instructor Lania’s favourite . ”

“Eh… . that Crimson of the Blazing Prison!?” (TL: Seems like Infe(インフェ) is supposed to be “炎獄”, while Runo(ルノ) being “紅”)


Crimson of the Blazing Prison?

To think Lania was actually called something like that .

I wonder if that’s what you call an alias?

I have heard before that skilled adventurers have an alias .

It’s not someone has intentionally given such a name .

Just that, as rumors spread, popular adventurers ends up getting called by their alias without knowing when it happen .

If you reach that extent, it might mean that you have become a top-notch adventurer

(Crimson of the Blazing Prison… . )

Most likely, it’s a name that comes from that red hair of hers .

And, she likely have burnt a monster to death using Fire-type magic .

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That sight can be easily imagined .




As I imagined that, the students conversing seems to have noticed that I was looking at them so,


“Let’s return, shall we?”


One person, and another, greet me before, going up the stairs .


“… . ”


Am I being avoided?

Seems like the dramatised news is being spread around .


“Well, I guess it’s fine . For now, it’s dinner time . ”


At the time I attempt to make my way to the canteen,




Maybe moving towards to the canteen, the werewolf Sail came down from the stairs .




As I greet him lightly and tried to pass by,


“H, hey”



I was called out .

I wonder if he wanted to talk about something?


“… . ”


But he doesn’t say a thing .

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“If there is nothing important, I will be going . ”

“Che――… . I, I have something to talk about . ”


I wonder what is it about .

Don’t tell me he wants to challenge me to a duel?


“… . it’s hard to talk here . Please come to my room . ”

“Your room?”

“Ah . It’s just a quick talk . ”


I wonder what business does he have?

Something hard to talk about?

I hope it’s not something like Don’t tell me he is actually also a girl!!!!! ? (TL: -_-”)

… . guess no, that would be not possible as expected .

No matter how you look at him, Sail is a guy .

Elisha has quite the gender-neutral features, so even if you tell me she is a girl, there isn’t really any uncomfortable feeling in regards to that .

Or more like, in actual fact, she is a girl after all .

Haaa… . .

Just remembering that, my mood got heavier .

I wonder what should I do to make her mood better?


“If you can’t, it’s fine here as well… . ?”


To the hesitating me, Sail said that .

Seems like he thought that I didn’t wanted to go .

(Well, I don’t really have anything to do anyway . . )

Nothing can be done even if I worry about it .

Let’s put that aside for now .

That’s likely the best .

After that, let’s try returning to the room .

As I made that decision,


“I am okay with that . ”


And then, I walked towards Sail’s room .

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