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Published at 13th of August 2016 11:50:36 AM

Chapter 34

Elisha’s Secret ⑤ – The Reason She has to be a Male


After parting with Sail, Elisha and I returned to our room .

The bed was scattered with things thrown at me, magic stone, magic and reading books .

Just having moved in for the second day, it’s appropriate to say that it has become disastrous room .


“Let’s clean up the room a bit”


Likely feeling that it was way too awful, the first thing to be said by Elisha after returning to the room was that .

And then, without saying a thing, she moved to clean up the scattered items .

I also thought that it would be good if I helped as well, but since the stuff scattered around were Elisha’s personal items, I decided to not to assist .

Seeing something I should not be seeing, it will be troublesome if problems arise .

If she screams again, it will end up with me getting a dishonorable name of ‘Pervert’ this time .


“For now, this should be fine, I guess . ”


After finishing cleaning up, Elisha gave out a sigh .

And, she turned to face me .


“… . . ”



Our eyes met .

But, both of us are speechless .

Though we have plenty of things to talk and ask about, words aren’t coming out .


“F-for now, let’s sit . ”


Both of us were still standing .

There’s no way we can talk calmly like this .


“That’s true . ”


Pulling out the chair from the desk, we sat our hips down .

Now then, where should we start talking about?

Elisha cast her (Ed: Yosh-chan, really? We already know Elisha is female now!) eyes down .

From that look, she is likely troubled about where should she start talking from .

As expected, I wonder I should be the one to throw the question on her .

To start of, what should I start from?

Verification of her gender?

Elisha, you were a female?

Ask her like that?

But, from that look, she seems to be really trying to hide that .

In that case, I wonder if I should not touch that topic?

Or, should I convey that I didn’t see a thing?

I also thought about saying that seriously but… . .

(… . that’s impossible, I guess . )

Elisha’s nude appearance has been burnt into my eyes . (TL: Pfftt…That’s quite a description)

A tensed body with no unnecessary fats .

However, only the breasts on her chest were femininely full .

And, the faint pink protuberance that is on the center .

… . To say it clearly, she is completely seen .

Because she realized that, Elisha also gave out a scream .


“――M . Mars!”


Unexpectedly, my name was called out with a powerful tone .

Of course, it was Elisha who called out my name .


“A, Ah”


As I was hesitating, it ended up in a half-hearted reply .


“Hey, you know . ”


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Likely because she is nervous, the words to continue weren’t quite coming out .

Elisha’s lips were trembling, and floated traces of sorrow .




This time, I managed to reply clearly .

And, I await the next words .

Honestly, I am not really sure whether should I be the one to start the conversation .

A room filled with silence .

I wonder how much time have passed?

Elisha’s eyes which had been pilling up with hesitation, lighted up with determination,


“――Please . The fact that I am a girl, please don’t tell anyone about it . ”


She bowed her head .

As expected, it seems like it’s something that shouldn’t be known .

Elisha continued to lower her head, without a sign of raising her head up .

Is she planning to continue until listening to my reply?

I guess she’s that desperate .

To the point she has to request a favor like this to a friend .

I still have doubts .

But, I know what Elisha wants from me .

That’s why,


“I got it . So please raise your head . ”


I have not heard her reason .

But, I answered that way .


“… . is, is that fine?”


Elisha who raised her head to look at me .

Those eyes were slightly clouded, as if tears are going to spill out any moment .

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“It’s Elisha’s request after all . ”

“Th…that’s a relief……If I am found out, it’s possible that I might have to leave the institute . ”


As if feeling relief from the bottom of her heart, Elisha’s face floated a smile .

She might be really worried about dropping out of school .



“Just because you were actually a female, as I would expect, I don’t think you would have to drop out, right?”


This is an adventurer training institute that has its principles based on strength .

If you have the power, I believe gender are just trivial details .

Even if anything happens, there should be at most just some kind of penalty, i guess .

Even then, it’s useless if I am not seen as a guy . There is no meaning in it if I am as a girl .

I wonder if there is any conviction behind it?


“If I am not a girl, no one would go easy on me!”


Elisha is very particular about becoming strong .

That is natural for the students in this institute .

But, her reason to become strong, is not because she wants to become an adventurer .


“……I need to be recognised as strong by a certain person . . ”


Which is what Elisha said .

But to this, I wonder if it has something to do with Elisha having to be a guy .


“I wish to become strong . ”


From those words, I can feel clear determination .

The feelings to become strong is, without doubt, for real .

But Elisha .

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“It’s not like females can become strong, right?”

“… . . we won’t . ”

“You can . ”

“I couldn’t . I couldn’t as a girl . ”

“Though my master is a girl, she is stronger than anyone else, you know?”

“I am not so special! If I continue to be what I was like that time, I wouldn’t become stronger!”


Elisha was baring all her feelings .

From the expressed feelings, I could feel various thoughts mixing together .


“Why do you think that way? Is there a reason?”

“… . . It’s something that can’t be helped, even if I say it . ”

“I won’t force you if you dislike it . But, if you think it’s fine to talk about it, please tell me . ”

“… . . it’s just a boring story . ”

“Even so, it’s fine . ”

“Mars has strange tastes . Even though it’s boring . ”


It’s not boring .

After all,


“I want to know more about my friend, about Elisha”


I conveyed my honest feelings .

The reason why does being a guy means strength .

I wish to know about the reason she arrives at the current Elisha .

I looked straight at Elisha .

Looking at me, Elisha hesitated for a moment,


“… . . it’s about an uncool, miserable, sorrowfully weak girl . ”


As she said that, a story of a young girl began . (TL:Talk about cliff-hanging . ) (ED: Not really . A cliff-hanger is something which has the protagonist at a point of death, thus a person hanging from a cliff . I feel this phrase is used too often now . )(TL: Oh!)

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